Life & Purpose…..The Ethiopian Perspective (III)

*** The Eight Dimensions of Life in the individual……(A footnote for members of the elite aspiring for leadership)

The five senses of the Human are shared by all other living creatures and the rest of nature. However, if the Human being aspires to be outstanding and sublime over nature, he has to make himself distinct from the rest of nature. This distinction can be attained if he is in possession of three more senses, in harmony with the eight dimensions of life. Above all, the command and the harmony of these eight dimensions are the features which could measure and qualify the integrity and character of a leadership in all sections of a society…….All Great leaders of Mankind, from wherever corner of the earth they originate, they have made HISTORY or NOT up to the point where they have failed to measure to these dimensions.

1. The Magnitude of the Intellect to Lead and Execute (The reflecting mind) >>>>State and Laws

2. The Tolerance and the Moral to Listen (Listening 1)>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>Community and Ethics

3. The Capacity to Console and Love (The loving heart) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Family and Love

4. The Endurance to Exist and Hope (Breathing/smelling 2)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Human and hope

5. The Magnanimity to Embrace and Touch (Touching 3 )>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Mankind and Conscience

6. The Wisdom to Live, Enjoy and Share (Relishing/tasting 4 )>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Nature and Religion

7. The Energy and Insight to See and Inspire (Seeing 5)>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Universe and Faith

8. The Transcendental Vision to Forgive and Save (The visionary instinct)>>>>>The Absolute and Deliverance

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