The Purpose of L I F E

Background and Prologue

The Purpose of L I F E (Quintessence)

Life is a manifold complex process of nature to attain the development of the godly nature of all-being -creativity- , revitalizing the H-uman, U-niversal and M-ankind’s A-esthetic N-ature (H U MA N) with the ultimate purpose of creating the Harmonious Human Being through generations (1).

The quintessence of life lies on

I. The social plane

II. The cultural plane

III. The Material plane

IV. The Spiritual plane

The interfaces on the transcendental level are

V. The Human plane (consisting of these four planes)


VI. The Absolute plane ( consisting of all the planes)

There are eight Dimensions making the Backbone of these Planes

1. The State & Laws 5. Mankind & Conscience

2. Community & Ethics 6. Nature & Religion

3. Family & Love 7. The Universe & Faith

4. The Human Being & Hope 8. God, The Absolute & Deliverance

These Dimensions have their corresponding Axis:

1. Humanity (h ) 5. Mass (m )

2. Intelligence/Consciousness (I ) 6. Energy (E )

3. Music (q) 7 . Light (c )

4. Destiny (D) 8. The Source (S)

Analogous to the Einstein theory of relativity, which is formulated

for the Material & Spiritual plane (in the Godly Hemisphere) by

E=mc2 ; Energy = Mass x (Speed of Light)2

there may be a social reality which can be formulated by

I= hq2 ; Intelligence = Humaniy x (Quality of Music)2

for the social & cultural plane (in the Human Hemisphere.)

According to this Model, the Purpose of Life is HARMONY within and between the four Planes of Life and achieving the corresponding Higher Objectives of Mankind:-

Peace, Culture, Perfection and Faith.

This will give birth to the godly Human, the Destiny, ready to rejoin its Source.

The Present is however unhappy and full of disharmony. The unhappy present is due to this disharmony within and between these planes of Life.

Summary of the Hypothesis

Whatever the origin may be, at the beginning (creation or not; leaving this for the sovereign Individual to find his own system or confusion); there is Energy and Intelligence or only Energy. This Beginning has brought about after generations two spheres of life.

These two spheres of Life according to the Model of Harmony, which I want to deal with, are:

The Human Hemisphere and the Godly Hemisphere

The Human Hemisphere consists of

I. The social and

II. The cultural plane

The godly hemisphere consists of

III. The material and

IV. The spiritual plane.

There are also two other planes on the transcendental level, which are not a point of discussion here. Just to complete the picture, they are:

V. The human and

VI. The Absolute plane

These two Hemispheres with all their structural moments, giving room for all forms of complexity and diversity, are in Harmony with each other. The harmony lives with its diversity and complexity in order to be full of life. Significant for these two Hemispheres are Intelligence for the “Human Hemisphere” and Energy for the “Godly Hemisphere”. Whether we the Humans like it or not these two central factors would be in a harmonious relation with each other. There is a very good saying in Amharic/bible…

”Chew lerasish sitiyi tafchi weinim dingay belew yittlushal”1. For solving our problems, if we the Humans are not in a position, with all the Intelligence at our disposal, to have this Harmony always in mind, nature will take care of it with all the consequences thereafter. Concerning the interdependence, multidimensionality, and the interrelations of the different factors, for the Godly Hemisphere, it can be assumed that the theory of Relativity. has a validity in this context too. I.e. this is solved with the famous statement of Einstein:

E = mc2 ; Energy = Mass x (Speed of Light) 2 /to the power of 2/

What does it look like for the “Human Hemisphere”?

The Hypothesis proposed here is, that there is a parallel or an analogous way of generalising the social reality.

This is formulated in a similar way like the theory of relativity:

I = hq2 ; Intelligence = Humanity x (Quality of Music)2 /to the power of 2/

I= Intelligence; h=Humanity; q= Quality of Music (For further elaboration see the legend part…”the Hypothesis”).

The Essential Message

The Hypothesis made here is not a result of a research but rather an outcome of a “search for truth” relying on the relativity statement of Einstein, which has its validity in the vicinity of physics and natural reality. Using this as an initial starting point, one can make a generalisation at a highly macro level to express the factors of life in a simple statement, given the

notion that there is a common ground for the natural and social reality of man. This may sound naïve but it is not like it may look like at face value. Unintentioned and though independently developed, it has happened that it goes and tunes with the new developing “integral science” of the last decades, dealing with the touching instances of spiritual and natural sciences.

Facts about Light and Colors, Sound and Music, with a profound scientific validity, specially in light of their common interface under quantum dimensions is a sufficient ground to entertain such notions of promoting a common fundament for reality. Considering the truth about the origins of sound and light and their indespensibility in Life, one is even tempted to imagine the beginning of reality, whatever one may like to believe, in the synthesis of these TWO; 1 i.e. Sound in its evolution and relation to Music and Light in its evolution and relation to Matter… culminate Ultimately in Man with its Intelligence ……

Conciousness….and the necessity of Harmony not only in Nature but also in the social reality of Man.

Moreover, the hypothesis has a sense of pragmatism too, specially for a social period and time full of irrational conflicts like today. The model is logically consistent in the sense of the harmony which is posited as a purpose of life. The truth of harmony in nature is not contrversial. What can the Harmony of the social reality be and how can it be generalised?

Like all the celestial bodies which never come upon the notion of leaving their governing rules and laws but remain in harmony with each other to maintain the universe and beyond it moving, there is also harmony in the social reality we are living in. Like the work of any meaningful Art, the social reality of a society has a governing spirit, which can be expressed and quantified somehow to make that life in that society vital. This social reality can be expressed by Intelligence, a sum total of quality, quantified by the prevailing humanity and the level of high culture, which can be somehow qualified through music.

Music and humanity are the factors of this Intelligence- a social intelligence, which can also be derived from the sum total of the participants and the representatives of that social collective.

For the purpose of expressing the social reality in a statement, the famous formula of Einstein’s theory of relativity is taken to be valid for the part of Life, which is called the “Godly Hemisphere”. Then analogously a logically consistent model is

constructed for the second part of life, the “Humanly hemisphere”.

The essential message of the hypothesis, is thus, like the governing law of Energy expressed by the theory of relativity, there is also a governing theory of social reality, which can be expressed by the factors of Intelligence, humanity and music- or beautiful sound: Intelligence for Energy, humanity for mass and quality of music, by which I understand the development of culture; for the speed of light. These factors as expressed above are brought in relations to each other, under the statement:

I = hq2 ; Intelligence = Humanity x (Quality of Music)2 /to the power of 2/

Even without making the trouble of proving the hypotheses, if one is convinced of the harmony of life, the apparent analogy of these factors, Intelligence with Energy, humanity with mass and light with beautiful sound is striking and indicative of the truth. For those who doubt and have the ways and the means, this is a sufficient ground to accept the challenge of researching more. If one investigates a little bit further along the path of history, one could see the low level of human values and the low level of the prevailing social intelligence and culture through all calamities, wars and all shades of inhuman experiences. Without belittling the patriotism, which may lay behind it, for instance the role of “shillela”1 during the enrolment of combatants in “ancient Ethiopia” or

methodes of soldier drillings in any military for a coming war is an example; Or the roles of slogans by any rallies on a demonstration etc. or the violence emanating from political movements, with non-human political platforms. Even in a family, which is supposed to rely on love, it is worth noting how force makes the family solidarity and common life difficult at times when reason and intelligence fail to mediate between children and parents or between the parents themselves. It is even not an accident that temper and intelligence exchange their status of existence in our individual heads, when one is suddenly aggressive in times of irritation. It looks like as if a micro atomic reaction is taking place in this micro-cosmos, called mind. In other words, it is striking and it is

always worth noting to see the way “music or sound” works to suppress or elevate the humanitarian dimension of groups or individuals thereby affecting their corresponding critical Intelligence. And nowadays the manipulative role of the media in the structure of the state—especially in an oppressive state, where there is neither public control nor any civil and democratic rights, is a case for investigation and a point which supports the hypothesis. In light of the hypothesis, a pair of statements on science:

The Role of Science

Science is not an end for itself or by itself. It is an instrument to understand all facets of life; life not only in its material dimension (like the theory of relativity, if detached from all other forms of life) but also in its spiritual dimension- i.e. in the dimension of spiritual sublimity to have a notion of the possible other side of life, which may also caress the sphere beyond human dimension. Therefore all fields of science, which are enumerated in the model, as vast as their areas and as deep as they would deal with details, serve in the illumination of these four planes of life incorporating the harmony. Some of the fields are of course relevant to all planes. The areas of science like pedagogy, medicine, music or similar fields of culture or mathematics are in the service of more than one plane and the interface between the fields of

specialisation should be seen as fluid as the scientific investigation and research may demand. In this sense of interpretation, the supporting sciences are indicated in the four planes of life.

The Nucleus – Science and Creation

Science is the companion of mankind and life since creation or the beginning of existence, running through the four planes of life covering the necessary and corresponding domains and faculties of knowledge, like a spiral thread of network developing through time and history.

This is represented like a pipeline full of the different contents nourishing the different planes on its way of development and maturing process. This is also taking into account the source of creation symbolised by the cross or the four arrows signifying the four main religious streams of today: Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism & related. The beginning of initial sciences; mathematics and Source, medicine and Energy, pedagogy and the Human being, music and Intelligence, is presented at the centre; the offspring of initial-existence.

The beginning of Science and Creation is a dual relation, which exists together and attains its resolution in the domain of the human and absolute planes, a sovereign sphere of the individual HUMAN BEING.

The spiral thread of science has not finished covering the planes signifying that it is far from PERFECTION and is on its way of developing and maturing. The level of this development can indicate the quality of life, the degree of the achievement of harmony in life, the four objectives of mankind and the possible resolution of the relation between creation and science.

Planes, Axis, Scales, Dimensions & Higher-Objectives

I. The social plane has the Axis of humanity (h). The scale of this Axis is HISTORY.

The social plane and the cultural plane make up what I called the “human hemisphere” in the harmony model. The social plane consists of the following sections:

1. The state

2. The community and

3. The family

The state is the section of the social plane whose purpose of existence can only be humanity. The state makes sense and deserves the right of existence at all, as far as it serves humanity, with which it can be qualitatively measured. Out of this inherent nature, which the state should assume, humanity is thus considered as the axis of the social plane in the context of the dimension of the state and its laws ( laws: a section of the cultural plane interfacing the social plane).

History, in accordance with achieving the higher-objective of PEACE; History, through the cultural development, with enlightenment playing a crucial role, and the support of scientific progress, has brought about no other form of state than Democracy, which can better serve the high objective of Peace. PEACE has been and can only be achieved as long as there is harmony between the cultural and the social planes and all the more between the sections within these planes. Peace has always been compromised in History, as soon as the harmony between these factors (planes, sections, sectors, units, elements) was risked, with the consequences of wars and revolutions.

Intelligence is considered as the axis of the community and its ethics, whose nature of existence and wellbeing can be evaluated in how much and in which quality the social intelligence is attained.

II. The Cultural plane has the Axis of music (q). Music, which is a relation of cultural development and material production, signifying eternity. The scale of this Axis is CULTURE.

The cultural plane consists of the following sections:

1. The Laws and constitution of the state

2. Ethics in relation to the community

3. Love and solidarity in relation to the family as the lower organ of the social reality.

Music is the axis of the cultural plane in the context of the dimension of family and love in the harmony of life.

Culture, however it may be quantified, in the light of achieving a high human CULTURE of peace, is significant. There are some absolute high figures and works, which are incontestable like Shakespeare, Goethe, and Mozart… Ghandi … Mandela…etc the human message and peace is the essence of the scale.

III. The material plane has the Axis of mass (m). The scale of this axis is SCIENCE.

The material plane can be classified into the following sections:

1. Mankind,

2. Nature and

3. The universe.

Development of Science in accordance with the higher-objective of PERFECTION, in the sense of a human culture, harmony with nature and life as a whole. The development of all spheres of science has always in the end amounted to understanding mankind, nature and the universe in depth, which leads Man to PERFECTION.

Mass, as the significant factor of Energy, which is the central and vital substance of the existence of mankind is seen in this sense as a qualifying axis of the material plane in the context of the dimension of mankind and conscience. The development of mankind and its conscience is therefore qualified in how consciously and reasonably mass, as abstract as it may be, is applied to attain Energy for the purpose of the wellbeing of the human and nature at large.

Nature is the source of Energy. The abstraction of Energy as the central axis of nature, as expressed by the statement of relativity in relation to mass and light is not difficult to imagine. Nature, in light of the existence of mankind or the purpose of life in general can thus be qualified in as much as nature is the source of energy. Energy, as the central significant component of harmony, is thus posited as the axis of the dimension of nature and religion (by the way the fact that religion is a source of energy too, spiritual though, cannot be simply dismissed).

IV. The spiritual plane has the Axis of light (c). Light/ speed of light/, which is a relation of space to time, signifying infinity. The scale of this axis is SPACE.

The spiritual plane consists of the following sections:

1. Conscience

2. Religion and

3. Faith

Light is the axis of the spiritual plane in the context of the dimension of the universe and faith in the harmony model.

Space, which is abstract and extends up to a dimensionless imagination of non-space; has the higher-objective of FAITH in the Absolute, which gives life a PURPOSE; HARMONY. Through Harmony transcendence is possible and FAITH can be achieved and through Faith the reality of Harmony can be felt.

FAITH, however, as the common interface to the human and absolute plane, is a domain of the free and sovereign Individual Human being, which cannot and does not impose itself on Life but come about in due course of Nature and embraces the human species. Faith is a feeling, which is relatively present in the social reality or the real human being (as an experience or otherwise), and all the more, as one of the four higher-objectives of mankind to give life a purpose and maintain the path of optimism and hope. It is of paramount significance to consider this Faith (it is not only religion, which is exclusive) as a reality to maintain the Harmony of Life. Otherwise society will end up under the domination of religious fanatics, who will manipulate the faith-related natural instincts of mankind, like all dogmatic ideologies do, to counteract the very enlightenment we are longing for.

Higher Objectives – Extended Notes

I. Peace for the social plane

The concrete purpose of any state form (e.g. Democracy), the community and the family can be nothing less than peace. If we want to save ourselves from further calamities, wars, and all sorts of inhuman social conflicts, as witnessed in our recent history (WWII etc.), this higher objective can only be attained through an appropriate social justice and welfare. Otherwise, we are driving towards what a wise Ethiopian may call “Eyaweku Aleku” (“a conscious self destruction”) – another form of destruction. Irrespective of the insanity of the actors, in the name of “enduring freedom” or the promise of the “heaven beyond”, the “cultural conflict”, which is hovering today over the world around the question of “Atomic Energy and the dream or the nightmare of a religious National superiority” is not accidental and has its social ground and may be the forerunner of the next round of human destruction, if the human species fail to work for peace, social justice and welfare. There is no way that this round of destruction could be less inhuman than the recent past, which was more or less ideologically conditioned. How would it be like with an additional religious dimension?

II. Culture/ High culture for the cultural plane

Culture- High culture means human culture based on the high level of scientific progress with the respect of all human cultural background as diversified as it is today, historically handed over to the modern human from every section of the human species. Imagine a virtuoso classical music, which would caress all your senses***, which would move your loving heart, which will enhance the silence of your mind, which will inspire you with a transcendental vision, thereby elevating your passion and respect for life and the human. This can only be achieved by the genius, who is in a position to combine all variations of notes by means of a high musical intellect one can imagine of. Or imagine a nice field and steppes of flowers made up of only tulips in one geometrical form or the other, in comparison to that of a big garden with different forms of planes full of all the varieties of flowers existing today in nature – from the well known beautiful black red rose to a cactus flower etc. It does not require a special intellect to tell which would be appealing and delighting to the healthy mind, be it the artist or the layman. The same is true with Culture and High Culture, which can be a panorama of all cultures from all shades and corners of the human species at a definite time, without the slightest propensity of exclusiveness. Not exclusive but always working on the elevation of the human intellect towards the essential substance of the human mind – reason and logic, supported by some form of faith; Faith which as discussed below, is itself one of the higher objective of life too.

III. Perfection for the material plane

Mankind as a species, not only represented by its highest intellects, but also even by that of the common intellect, has the affinity for perfection and it lies in the nature of the human to be curious and always in the search for a higher knowledge. This may be, as protagonists of evolution may presume, due to the higher instincts of survival in the “highly aggressive state of nature”. Survival of the fittest for the human however, can be more easily realised through a higher intellect than through a tougher tentacle – the muscles. This is true, though history is also full of other facts on events which are contrary to reason and logic. In spite of all odds, this did not however prevent the human species to progress towards perfection. Every period of life has produced its jewels of humans, who have the courage and the intellect to develop science as far as their ages could manage, so that we would enjoy its fruits. Enjoy and develop all spheres of science, always critically appraised to go further towards perfection initiating a new scope. Science is always an open phenomena and remains so, as long as the human being manages to maintain its existence, and life; Life with a Purpose. In other words the higher objective of the material plane is perfection with the strong support of science; Science for the promotion of peace and human culture.

IV. Faith for the spiritual plane

Faith is strictly speaking a domain of the sovereign individual; the individual free of any constraints. It is not with a longing for the past or out of nostalgic sentiments, if it is suggested here to change the well known aphorism of the last Emperor; “Haymanot yegil new “ to “Imnet Yegil new”. “ Faith (not religion) belongs to the sphere of the individual”. This is true, if all the prerequisites of a high human culture with the necessary welfare and peace on the basis of reason and logic were available. But this is not the reality, though, given the scientific progress of today, combined with the available spiritual prerequisite, the abundant wealth could have been sufficient enough to entertain such a culture.. The higher insight hadn’t unfortunately made its way through the mind of every individual, that the source of pleasure does not lie in the accumulation of wealth but somewhere in the mind of the self for the bliss of knowledge (cf. Aristotle) or somewhere between heaven and earth or like Kafka would simply say over the surface and under the feet. But unfortunately we are still staggering on an earth – otherwise the beautiful earth – where one feels to be happy touching the barren sand of the moon and on the other side, a child on this same earth dies out of destitution by every tick of the minute; and the former could sleep at night silently, without being nagged by the slightest bit of conscience whatsoever. Because of all such hard facts, the necessity of the state for the social reality of today is apparent, be it for the administration of social and civil justice, and be it for the administration and distribution of wealth or controlling and monitoring of the latter with the help of the “magical market forces”. Likewise mankind is today full of all sorts of faiths and all kinds of religions. Whether or not with a highly genuine spiritual purpose or as a style of life, these spiritual instances attract and absorb the individuals or groups of mankind, since it lies in the nature of the human to be spiritually affiliated to this or that sect. As long as they are not instances of human manipulations, as unfortunately they indeed mostly are, these religions or faiths constituted in all forms of institutions could play a healthy social role. They can fulfil their social purposes in helping to elevate mankind, if not in the possible spiritual humbleness, at least, in the sense of human ethics and in its moral awareness. If we are lucky and the intellectual level of the society allows, this objective can more or less be fulfilled by the religions available today. And thanks god, ample humanist intellectuals have pleaded for religion not to meddle in the secular section of life. At least in the regions where enlightenment has succeeded, it is established, that the civil state should be free of any religious affiliation or attachment, which is the most optimal way of looking at it. The Faith posited here, as the high objective of the harmony of life, is but of a higher abstraction. This is, on the one hand the sum total of the philosophy of enlightenment and the belief that the human mind would be at its summit of intellectual abstraction capacity and would touch all godly virtues, when it is free of any institutions, dogmas and religions in their traditional interpretation of disciplining the life of the human. Without the inherent insight emanating from oneself, liberation of the self would not be materialized. This way of attitude can be manifested in all forms of intellectual devotion or system of belief, be it philosophy or religion. On the other side, there is the quintessence of the sum total of all institutionalised manifestations of religions, which could serve as instances of ethics and moral awareness, which are of spiritual nature but also secular enough to be in favour of life and in an indirect service of the state where they exist. Whether, those from the traditional religion politically liberated intellectuals like it or not, the form of faith whose moments stretch in the two directions mentioned is amply present in the social reality of today. And it is the quintessence of all these aspects of faith, which I concretely posit as a higher objective for the spiritual plane at large. This culminates ultimately in the Faith for life with the purpose of realising the other high objectives of mankind. Peace, perfection and culture, which in turn will lead us to the longed harmony in society and the intellectual individual mind at its highest level of intelligence based on reason and logic, which is again itself not devoid of faith for a still higher purpose; a higher purpose beyond human dimension, with which only the mind can and may prepare itself – if not endowed by nature and historical process in its substance, as some may be – a ready mind at least in the will,

The will for a healthy human conscience to live with once neighbour;

The will for a state of peaceful existence;

The will to learn and progress towards perfection;

The will to appreciate the development of human culture in its diversity and complexity;

And never the arrogance of superiority in an inhuman uniformity, negating the very nature of life or pseudo equality in a uniformity of life, for the purpose of manipulating man. Can you make out of a cactus tree a eucalyptus, or is it better and wiser to make their common soil fertile? The faith in Harmony is not a belief in uniformity like religions of this or that colour may propagate. On the contrary, it is a state of existence with diversity and complexity as its prerequisites. It is with this conception that Faith is presented as one of the four high objectives of life in harmony. Faith as the crème de la crème emanating out of the healthy human conscience, the non-dogmatic section of religion and the philosophical faith based on the intellect.

Explanations and legend for the model – Harmony-

The Purpose of Life-

* * *


Each of the four planes of life has three sections organically related to each other making a harmonious sphere.

Each section consists of three sectors which make the intermediate macrostructure of the plane to form the harmonious sectional whole.

Each sector can have its units and each unit its elements, making the next structural aggregate etc.

Every aggregate at any point of the structure is autonomous in its function, complementary in its relations and inspiring in its reflections.

Further micro levels of the structure, belong to the sphere of science and are subjects of investigation, study, research and analysis.

On a transcendental level interfacing life and beyond, there are two further planes, which are represented by the 4th and 8th dimensions mentioned.

The Human plane, which consists of the other four planes and whose subject is the Human being (mind, body & spirit) with its Destiny as its Axis and complete individual freedom as the scale of its plane.

The Absolute plane (Heaven, earth & beyond-dimension), which covers all the five planes and that beyond human dimension, has the Source as its axis and a non-dimensional scale.

These two planes are not points of presentation here, since they belong to the strict sovereign domain of the individual human, who is in the spirit of grasping the essence and purpose of life to determine and control its own being autonomously or leave it for the course of nature.

(The content numbers are based on the dimensional division used in the graphical presentation.)

I. The Social Plane

Sections of the social plane

1. The State

Sectors of the State

1.1 The Legislative system

1.2 The Executive/Administration systems

1.3 The Judiciary system

2. The community

Sectors of the community

2.1 Education / profession

2.2 Production / business

2.3 Distribution / market, social

3. The family

Sectors of the family

3.1 Intelligence / the individual

3.2 Activity / labour

3.3 Necessity / income

4. The Human being/ the individual belonging to the human plane

II. The cultural plane

Sections of the cultural plane

1. Laws

Sectors of laws

1.1 Human and basic rights

1.2 Civil laws

1.3 Penal laws

2. Ethics

Sectors of ethics

2.1 Historical based ethical norms

2.2 Cultural based ethical norms

2.3 Traditional based norms

3. Love / human solidarity

Sectors of love & solidarity

3.1 spiritual based love and solidarity

3.2 cultural based love and solidarity

3.3 biological love / sex and reproduction

4. HOPE / belonging to the Human plane

III. The Material plane

Sections of the material plane

5. Mankind

Sectors of knowledge on mankind

5.1 Ontology / reality & developments

5.2 Anthropology / constants & changes

5.3 Genealogy / constants & changes

6. Nature

Sectors of knowledge on nature

6.1 Geology / reality & changes

6.2 Geography / reality & changes

6.3 Archaeology / background & inspirations

7. Universe

Sectors of knowledge on the universe

7.1 Cosmology / origins & influence

7.2 Astronomy / origins & inspirations

7.3 Astrology / investigation & influence

8. GOD / beyond life belonging to the Absolute plane

IV. The spiritual plane

Sections of the spiritual plane

5. Conscience

Sectors of conscience

5.1 Human conscience & consciousness

5.2 Social conscience & moral awareness

5.3 Individual conscience & integrity

6. Religion

Sectors of religion

6.1 philosophical conceptions

6.2 Theological conception

6.3 Cultural based & conception

7. Faith

Sectors of faith

7.1 spiritual inspiration and conception

7.2 Intellectually conceived

7.3 Enlightenment based

8. Deliverance, beyond life belonging to the Absolute plane

Relations and Reflections

Harmony can be achieved through relations and reflections. If Relations and reflections are only conceived as contradictions and opposites the outcome would be perpetual struggle and disharmony. On the contrary, relations and reflections are dialectical moments of units and elements of life making a higher unit contributing to the harmonious whole. Relations have complementary moments. Reflections contain reciprocal inspiring effects.

All relations and reflections are always in the final analysis either triangular or dual.

Triangular relations:

The social, the cultural and the human plane

The spiritual, the material and the absolute plane

The social, the absolute and the material plane

The cultural, the human and the spiritual plane

Etc. (See Star-model on page 44 for further possible relations & reflections)

Dual relations:

The social and the cultural planes

1. State and Laws

2. Community and Ethics

3. Family and Love

The absolute plane and the human plane

4. The Human being and Hope

The material and the spiritual planes

5. Mankind and conscience

6. Nature and religion

7. Universe and Faith

The absolute plane & the human plane

8. God and Deliverance

The social and the material planes

1. State and Mankind

2. Community and Nature

3. Family and Universe

The cultural and the spiritual planes

1. Laws and Conscience

2. Ethics and Religion

3. Love and Faith

Reflections / Inspiring effects:

The social and spiritual planes

1. State and 7. Faith

2. Community and 6. Religion

3. Family and 5. Conscience

The human and the absolute planes

4. The Human and 8. God

The cultural and the material planes

1. Laws and 7. Universe

2. Ethics and 6. Nature

3. Love and 5. Mankind

The human and the absolute planes

4. Hope and 8. Deliverance

Axis, Scales & Higher-Objectives

I. The social plane has the Axis of humanity (h); humanity in the context of the dimension of the state and laws . The scale of this Axis is HISTORY.

II. The Cultural plane has the Axis of music (q); quality of music in the context of the dimension of the family and love. Music is a relation of cultural development and material production, signifying eternity. The scale of this Axis is CULTURE.

INTELLIGENCE in the context of the dimension of community and Ethics, as a function of the factors – humanity and quality of music, is the Axis interfacing both the social and the cultural planes.

III. The material plane has the Axis of mass (m); mass in the context of the dimension of mankind and conscience. The scale of this axis is SCIENCE.

IV. The spiritual plane has the Axis of light (c); light in the context of the dimension of the universe and faith. Light/ speed of light/, which is a relation of space to time, signifying infinity. The scale of this axis is SPACE.

ENERGY in the context of the dimension of nature and religion, as a function of the factors – mass and the speed of light, is the Axis interfacing both the material and the spiritual planes.

The Nucleus – Science and Creation

This is represented like a pipeline full of the different contents nourishing the different planes on its way of development and maturing process. This is also taking into account the source of creation symbolised by the cross or the four arrows signifying the four main religious streams of today: Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Buddhism & related. The beginning of initial sciences; mathematics and Source, medicine and Energy, pedagogy and the Human being, music and Intelligence, is presented at the centre; the offspring of initial-existence.

Main Spheres of Science

Serving the different planes of life- the gardens of life- as nourishment

I. The social plane

Sociology, Economics, political science and Engineering

Mathematics & Music

I. The cultural plane

History, Philology, Literature/Arts and Laws

Music & Pedagogy

III. The material plane

Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Mathematics & Medicine

IV. The spiritual plane

Theology, Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology

Medicine & Pedagogy

Hypothesis for Social Reality –

-Harmony as the Purpose of Life

The four planes of Life: – the social, cultural, material and the spiritual planes; and on the transcendental level, the human and the absolute planes, have altogether eight dimensions.

1. The State & Laws 5. Mankind & Conscience

2. Community & Ethics 6. Nature & Religion

3. Family & Love 7. The Universe & Faith

4. The Human Being & Hope 8. God, the Absolute & Deliverance

These Dimensions have their corresponding Axises:

1. Humanity (h) 5. Mass (m)

2. Intelligence/Consciousness (I) 6. Energy (E)

3. Music (q) 7. Light (c)

4. Destiny (D) 8. The Source (S)

Analogous to the Einstein theory of relativity formulated for the Material & Spiritual plane,

—The Godly Hemisphere — by

E=mc2 ; Energy = Mass X (Speed of Light)2 ;

there may be a social reality which can be formulated for the Social & Cultural plane,

—The Human Hemisphere—by

I= hq2 ; Inelligence = Humaninty X (Quality of Music)2

(See graphic presentation/ to visualize the relations)

Energy (E) corresponds to -Intelligence (I), which can be quantified either socially, individually or both as a guiding principle.

Mass (m) corresponds to -humanity (h), quantified with all the humanitarian and high cultural values universally accepted today.

Light/speed of light (c) has its analogy, in the quality of Music (q). Music can be in its quantification very controversial and highly subjective, because of its dependence on the diversity of the human culture and traditional background. As much as love in the spirit and beauty in the eyes of the beholder lie, the feeling in the music is as diversified as the human cultures of today. Nonetheless, the human cultural development is today mature enough to feel the universal passion in the heavenly music of every culture. Every culture may have its Mozart and we can have also our Yareds; but every Mozart in the culture, can never travel through his inspirations without the feeling of that, that one Mozart.

Whatever the Source, which ever the Order or no Order; since the Origin is the Source(S) of Energy and Intelligence(I) or Intelligence and Energy(E), the Human Destiny (D) in Life can only be Intelligence full of Energy and full of virtues. -Godly virtues, which a healthy human mind and conscience can imagine in a Human Culture. This is the sense and in the sense of the Source, which can be more and more than that in that Beyond. To sense that Beyond, we are missing today this ashore, the Harmony of Life, where Intelligence and Energy; Destiny and Source will touch to rejoice the Origin; …..the point and the moment where the Michelangelos and all those jewels of creation may enjoy and wonder.

And who knows? —the Origin— Until then the bliss of HOPE remains always. Hope, universal Hope for the Human Species, through enlightenment of the day to the Harmony of Life.

1)Original: “The purpose of Life is to develop the godly nature of Mankind and create the harmonious Human being after generations.” Reformulated after an encounter with the conincing “Complexity Theory”, after an an odyssey-discourse in phylosophy in the last 6 years.

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