War and Entangled "Collective Consciousness"

Some Notes on our Entangled “Collective Consciousness”

(Somalia was the first “Miscalculation”; What would be the next? (4))

Away from current affairs on war and similar insanity, it may be sometimes helpful to reflect on consciousness in depth. It can help us even to “understand” the warring factions of all sorts; in our case especially, to ponder on our Ethiopians who refuse to discover the merits of peace and the virtues of harmony….

Along this line, I am sure you are aware of the fact that science is in the background developing tremendously and there are…a lot of speculations especially in the regions of “consciousness” and its depth explanation at the quantum level. And this is not simply out of intellectual curiosity or love of knowledge but also in order to have a clue of what is happening at the macro level (at the individual or the political leadership level) and its implication on our day to day activities up to the point of all sorts of “faiths” and “dogmas”, we humans like to entertain in life.

My point:

During the last 2-3 decades, the level of knowledge on “consciousness” though still controversial, has changed substantially; and of course the science community in the west is apt to advice its political community to be aware of this development and all policies are hammered out by the necessary experts on this ground before they go on the air. If our politicians are illiterate in this context, which I am afraid may be the case, we are simply damned to be the “gooney pigs”, parameters, and objects of speculation or activities. See for instance the call of war from our insolently concerned “experts” like Mr. Paul Henze or some imported “patriot”s (1), who who want by hook or cook to keep us in the PAST; hailing our PAST. Not to illuminate the relations but to tease and play with our emotions and convince us with such an intellectual dishonesty, that, the American administration has nothing to do with what developed on the issue of Eritrea and etc…etc. Once events are over, we the playing objects are always advised to live with the new realities, and for them, the “serious men”1a (cf. Simon d’Beauvoire) as long as the objects serve the purpose, everything is immaterial, , , , , Machiavelli greets…..


Entangled “consciousness” and conflict

In the context of understanding our activities in respect to our “consciousness”, I think the contribution (2), I am referring here is valuable and pointing towards a line which I believe may be true…and all the more helpful to understand our own conditions. Especially interesting is the fact of the “virtual collective consciousness”

which may be hovering around our own space, the Ethiopian space, with all our past, present and future (extrapolated) – entangled by all the bitter historical and personal experiences, from which we can but may not be fully free in our present attitudes, decisions and line of actions. Under this context it is therefore wise to comprehend the condition of our “warring” factions of all colours; and if possible to summon them to the region of “Reason”.

In other words, the point is, understanding the “virtual collective consciousness”; i.e. in the language of our peaceful mothers.

(: “Mindine new Torinet felagiwochin Yemianqejqijachew” ;

(What is the substance which gives “the addicts of war” no peace)

Given the entire common cultural, ethnic, religious, historical etc. background; it is only under this glass that I could comprehend, for instance the never-ending “Ethiopian-Eritrean” conflict. During the earlier regimes (The Imperial and the “communist” Dergue) there were other pretexts through which one could comprehend the condition. But these explanations , even without qualifying them, have served their purposes and are gone and have no more validity thereafter – I mean specially under the given fact of the constitution of the dominating ruling groups and their leading cliques; no one would dare to iterate any of the past “hymns” and “opium” of self-determination etc. in this context.

Thus, it is not simply history. It is not “colonisation”; it is not “self-determination“. It is not “Assab”; it is not Badme; it is not “Afar”; ; ; etc. It is neither the “Algiers deal” nor a “dispute of border demarcation” or ; or. It is not property-relations either; given all the properties (not to mention the human substance) effected and planned for destruction through the never-resolved conditions of conflicts.

Therefore there must be another fact of the problem, and that is:

The ruling cliques in Ethiopia and Eritrea are ENTANGLED in the PAST and living more in the legacy of their “virtual” collective consciousness than in the present.

And by the way, these days for instance, the battle of Adwa, which has a lot to do with this Entanglement, is and would certainly revive in all minds. Do we celebrate the war, the hero, the independence, the nation or what? Or do we lament on historical facts ( Ras Alula; Aste Menilik; why etc.) with all the varieties of IFS, CAUSES, PRETEXTS, which are PASSÈ and gone for good and ever; or is it a spiritual therapy to help us forget or blur the fact that we have failed to change our current unhappy reality .

I don’t know how the average intellectual would appraise all these in this context.

I remember a narrated dialogue between a Ghanaian and an Ethiopian.

Ethiopian, proud and lofty says: “we are independent for 3000 years, we have history; and Ghanaian counters: “You can’t eat history”. He may as well add; “we are independent for 50 years, have enough to eat and a working democracy too. Don’t misunderstand me; I even mean that healthy patriotism is existentially necessary for a nation; it is analogous to the self-consciousness of the free Individual; but it may be appalling if it is not genuine; see our current political quintessence. On the one side you would fall down to the feet of Mr. Bush pleading to save us and on the other you scream the war songs of Adwa…..

I mean, if you have a clear mind it makes you sick to witness such a caricature of patriotism. Pseudo-patriotism modelled as a collective therapy to extrude our concrete material and spiritual destitution; with our never ending Christmas bags to collect alms. (X-mas is approaching to remind us again, and the never-ending “fraternal war” is on the horizon too.)

Oh! Let us save our patriotism….

To continue with my ENTANGELMENT “theory”, after finding out how the ruling cliques of the region are ENTANGELED in the PAST, during the last weeks and months, it was as clear as a daylight that Mr. Bush and co. were working hard on this side of the real world to complete the vicious circle of the Entanglement (“der Teufelskreis” in German; the devils circle; a good word). They have succeeded in their complicity on this side of our real world to involve us in their “war of no return”. And no one can miss today to know who is the conductor of our “religious-patriotic” war. Intrinsically planned for a long time with all OBJECTS playing their foolish and unconscious roles to be stage-managed for “a war” which has nothing to do with an Ethiopian patriotism. And alas! We are told now that, it is all in vain (3) and a “miscalculation”(4). A “calculation” on which policy designers and engineers like the Rand Corporation have made their good livings at the cost of all the victims of the war…What would be the next miscalculation; the next round of destruction….Above all the human tragedy…


YES, FATEFUL but I am afraid TRUE; in Retrospect everything seems to fit into the complicity.


Look at the TELEGRAMM after decades….



….The Role of Mr. Cohen…. decades ago…

Roger begin…..begin

Bravo Eritrea….and your Allies…..Dergue…communist…Regime fall…

Mengistu….Money…Zimbabwe….Embassies….Play good Roles…

EPRDF Good…Healthy….Bad History…communist….But….No

Alternative…Can grow…Handle Good…


USA…Cohen…..Britain…..Ethiopia…Regime change….Eritrea



Crack within the big Fours of African…Leaders….

The “young Intellectual leaders” ….Oh …Oh….Ha …Haa

Jam …Jam…..Telegram interrupted …Message ….unknown…

“sew belan ….man belat ???…man belat??!”…

“doron siyatliluat bemechagna talwat!!”

…Brotherhood holds no water…..conflict…. Badme..Assab…..

Assab…”Heros and no Heros”…Get rid of real heros….




Eritrea ……….game….over

UN…vs…Eritrea….Arab league….Somalia

Change of Policy…..

Naive Diaspora…..Opposition…..Motivation and protection

…Democracy ….Mission…..Democracy…… campaign….Historical

… democratic spirit ….Democratic pole……..Democracy….victory

/ vote of Non-confidence…..Observation…Monitoring….Mediation


Law and order…Juricial Procedure….We can’t help it….sorry….

Opposition …..Leadership …Jail…..Repression….. support regime

….encourage … opposition…..Campaigns …Petitions…..etc….etc…

Courts procedures…Repression…..regime… further support…

Encourage….Hope and …. change…No.

..Religious Incidents….Support and complicity in Somalia …Islamic

councils ….War lords…..War of no return….

SomaliaEthiopia (USA)…..Transitional Government, Somalia

Court procedure …No freedom… opposition

leadership…mediation…Apology offer….Eritrea …Hostage incident…

Sentiments…Drums of War … Ethiopia and Eritrea à la Lilian West ……

Eritrea has become a nuisance…

Objective: Regime change …Eritrea…Game over…

Mediation – Opposition – Human rights —Appeal —-pardon….confusion

and …..Parliament Speech—Legal procedures—-Judiciary —fake Independent….Opposition… Court Proceedings—Death Sentence —

Pretend mediation—- Rationales … Ethiopian …Social Harmony …

NO not wanted … Not necessarily……Keep on …Hold on ….

Final Statement—-Coming ….soon S. Abraha Free….. Opposition free;

Successful mediation….Celebrate Millennium….Ok…..Go Ahead…

Opposition abroad… Campaign….ok….HR 2003….

Stop it… short of the Senate….

Oh no!…our big Anti-Terror Ally …in the Horn…..Stop….Demarcation….Fuel the War…

The MILLENIUM calls…whither……

Roger …The END … CONTINUUM in the future…


Oh! the lost Assab (cf. L.West (1))….America has never failed us!…..


It remains to comment; whether the play staged by all the players, is conscious or objectified. I have no doubt that it is objectified for a section of the actors; since the conscious players would never go to jail….because they are required outside to beat the drum of our “patriotic” wars….

It is hard and fateful; but let God bless the genuine Hero; may be they will come up higher…. Aware, Conscious, Mature and Great. Clear is however that the conductors of the play were all the time aware of the outcome; and their objectives. You have only to read on this issue, the comments of the previous American ambassador under different Names – depending on the publication media; Ethiopian/Mahider American/Washington post. Or to look into ethnic case studies made on Ethiopia for policy makers (cf. Rand Corporation)


And if some of us happen to have clear minds …we have then to play the Fools and we should rather reflect further on consciousness:


The Notion of “collective Consciousness”

The Notion of “collective Consciousness” is essentially not new and is common (only under different logos) to all schools of Philosophy or “faiths”- They are related to each other and are essentially made up of the same intellectual substance. – Like for instance:- The other true reality of Plato (the mathematical platonic world; the phenomenal world), the entelechies of Aristotle, the ether of the 19th century, the ultimate Substance of the Alchemists, or even the “Heavens or the Nirvana ” of all religions, , , the infinite “Substance” ; the “God” concept from Descartes to Spinoza down to the “Absolute spirit” of Hegel’s Phenomenology, or even the social consciousness of Marx… or the all-round harmony of Whitehead up to the “internal space” of the post-moderns like Foucault.

In the regions of Psychology, the cosmic consciousness from Mr. Richard M. Burke up to the universal moral stage of Flawrence Kohlberg or Robert Kegan’s inter individual sphere or the Archtype, the collective unconscious of C. Jung or the subconscious, the unconscious stuff of Freud; or the recent modern “new scientific” concepts similar to the Morphic fields/resonance of scientists like Rupert Sheldrake; the Topological Geometrodynamics (TGD) of Mati Pitkänen …etc… up to all kinds of spaces in several varieties of current mysticism (cf. Sofiatopia; a nice discourse out of Holland).

In his “consciousness” essay (2), in the referred document, Mr. Smythies just before he iterates his conclusions says, “The question might be asked ‘Is our subjective experience of time merely our phenomenal impression of the causal relations between the parallel branes (“the collective brain” is meant) of space-time and phenomenal space?” The answer is that we do not experience these postulated causal relations that connect the contents of the brain located in physical space-time and of the consciousness module located in phenomenal space-time. What we experience are the END RESULTS of these causal relations -namely our own sensations, images and thoughts.”

In what ever form or substance; from the ancient Ether up to the new Dark cosmic matter or spirit; if I want to make a résumé of what I have learned after my own, I can say, phenomenological experience, I believe that there is a parallel “world” or “space”, in a higher and abstracter dimensionality of which our real “world” or “space-time” may be a subset or mirror of this “phenomenal world”.

Our real “world” with the END RESULTS of relations; If that is the case and if our point of reference remains to be only these END RESULTS ; it means our human condition is tragic and in the final analysis we are damned to live in this world, determined from the HIGHER Reality of a Multi-or Parallel-Universe and in the end not free at all. YES, it is TRUE we are living in the END RESULTS but I believe however, that there is certainly a COMPONENT of FREEDOM in these relations (cf. Berdyaev)

I am therefore optimistic in the tradition of many similar faiths and even a new kind of a developing integral science, which has begun to build a bridge between the classical materialistic scientific community and the more spiritually inclined philosophical community with all shades of mystic explanation of our reality i.e. this side of that BEYOND; and in this context, I believe we can be free and are free in determining our paths. That is, when we refrain and resist from simply living in these END RESULTS of these relations and break up these causal relations in favour of new and creative inputs in both the phenomenal and space-time space towards a promising future, which is always open to History; Human History. This is the Dimension of FREEDOM. In this aspect we can learn a lot from our children, who until the point of contamination with our prejudices are free of these causal relations. (I believe, It is in this sense too that Jesus in Christianity is referred to have said “leave the children, let them come to me”).

Theoretically at least, this is not difficult at all:



Our Ethiopian problem in general and that of all warring factions is: We are OR rather THEY are entangled in the PAST. The END RESULTS without the component of FREEDOM are the relations in which the ruling cliques in our regions are stuck; be it Somalia, Ethiopia or Eritrea. This is valid not only for the ruling but also for the sections of their opponents who are incapable of reconciliation and ready to stage a war against each other.

In general, we like to dwell on the PAST, we hamper the PRESENT, LIFE is not our Principle, (therefore this never ending flight towards pseudo-Heroism; celebration of martyrdom; sacrifice etc.) and we don’t see the FUTURE. If we ever see the future, we look for this Dogma, for that Ideology or that Religion to save us; avoiding any Notion that the saviour lies not somewhere outside THERE but in our own INTELLECT.

ENLIGHTENMENT….INTELLECT….”Dare to know” through your own Intellect- is the motto of our MILLENNIUM and not “Dare to kill”. All ideologies advising the latter are those whose ultimate purpose is only “Dare to dominate”, , , and , , , and , , , and Hold the past. The PAST, if you take it hard has no ultimate CAUSE (at least for our Minds) and is NOTHING but Dark; in contrast to LIGHT and LIFE. I remember to have heard decades ago that a friend has made the following statement:

” Be tizita bicha yeminorew, Berhan ye mayitayew new “. (Those who could not see the light through the tunnel, would only live in their nostalgias)

This is TRUE indeed!

ENLIGHTENMENT is the Human Task of the Intellectual. Those who are better off in this aspect are more cultured and more developed in all dimensions (spiritual as well as material). I am not Euro-centric; I am and remain indeed an Ethiopian in the healthy sense, but see the intellectual History of Europe. They have assimilated all the Histories of mankind’s intellect into their own, to come to this Age; given all the blunders and disasters or even current problems. I am sure they will never and no more make wars on their soils etc… (Of course I mean here old Europe (cf. Rumsfeld).

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony or Schiller’s “To Joy; Ode an die Freude” is not only European it is UNIVERSAL.; and Ethiopia is certainly part of IT. Year 2005 was the latest highlight, which goes into our history.

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony or Schiller’s “To Joy; Ode an die Freude” (5)

Joy, thou glorious spark of heaven,

Daughter of Elysium,

We approach fire-drunk,

Heavenly One, your shrine.

Your magic reunites

What custom strictly parts;

All people become brothers,

What custom’s sword separates;

Beggars become princes’ brothers

Where your gentle wing alights.

Be embraced, you millions!

This kiss for the whole world!

Brothers, beyond the star-canopy

Must a loving Father dwell.

Do you bow down, you millions?

Do you sense the Creator, world?

Seek Him beyond the star-canopy

Beyond the stars must He dwell.

Whoever succeeds in the great attempt

To be a friend of a friend,

Whoever has won a lovely woman,

Let him add his jubilation!

Yes, whoever calls even one soul

His own on the earth’s globe!

And who never has, let him steal,

Weeping, away from this group.

All creatures drink joy

At the breasts of nature;

All the good, all the evil

Follow her roses’ trail.

Kisses gave she us, and wine,

A friend, proven unto death;

Pleasure was to the worm granted,

And the cherub stands before God.

Glad, as his suns fly

Through the Heavens’ glorious plan,

Run, brothers, your race,

Joyful, as a hero to victory.

Be embraced, you millions!

This kiss for the whole world!

Brothers, beyond the star-canopy

Must a loving Father dwell.

Do you bow down, you millions?

Do you sense the Creator, world?

Seek Him beyond the star-canopy!

Beyond the stars must He dwell

Be embraced, ye millions!

This kiss for the whole world!

Brothers, beyond the star-canopy

Must a loving Father dwell.

Be embraced,

This kiss for the whole world!

Joy, beautiful spark of the gods,

Daughter of Elysium,

Joy, beautiful spark of the gods

May Peace be the Logos of the Ethiopian Millennium!!!

(1) http://www.mahder.com/index.php?name=News&file=article&sid=715

(1a) S. d’Beauvoir on the “serious man”, cf. “The Ethics of Ambiguity”

(2) http://www.imprint.co.uk/pdf/smythies.pdf

(3) http://www.internationalrelations.house.gov/110/pha051007.htm

(4) The East African Standard (July 1 2007, Bush hits dead-end in Somalia)

(5) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ode_to_Joy


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(Read “about dogmas and world view as a disease”)











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