The Quintessence of L I F E

The Quintessence of L I F E

There are four planes, which could represent the quintessence of life at a highly macro level:-

I. The social plane

1. State

2. Community

3. Family

II. The cultural plane

1. Laws

2. Ethics

3. Love

III. The Material plane

5. Mankind

6. Nature

7. The Universe

IV. The Spiritual plane

5. Conscience

6. Religion

7. Faith

The interfaces on the transcendental level (which are not points of discussion here) are

V. The Human plane (consisting of these four planes)

4. The Human Being & Hope


VI. The Absolute plane (consisting of all the planes)

8. The Absolute & Deliverance

There are eight Dimensions making the Backbone of these Planes

1. The State & Laws 5. Mankind & Conscience

2. Community & Ethics 6. Nature & Religion

3. Family & Love 7. The Universe & Faith

4. The Human Being & Hope 8. God, the Absolute & Deliverance

These Dimensions have their corresponding Axis:

1. Humanity (h) 5. Mass (m)

2. Intelligence/Consciousness (I) 6. Energy (E)

3. Quality of Music (q) 7. Light (c)

4. Destiny (D) 8. The Source (S)

The Purpose of Life is HARMONY within and between the four Planes of Life and achieving the corresponding Higher Objectives of Mankind:-

Peace, Culture, Perfection and Faith.

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