It reads like a novel on time…

Hannah Arendt’s discourse is more than what the title promises… I have just to read it further with all anxiety. Every line is “ein Genuss” / a celebrity for reflection…..

It reads like a novel on time, with a love story between truth and philosophy; Plato as the father of truth, Aristotle as the mother of philosophy, with their four philosophy children of our age;
1. Hegel as the conscious child of his origin (“Yabatu lij”) (Philosophy as the universal history)
2. Kierkegaard as the faithful child (“t–amagnu lij”)(Religion vs Reason)
3. Marx as the rebellious activist (“kejkashaw lij”) (Revolution vs. Philosophy / Actio vs. Ratio)
4. Nietzsche as the anti-authoritarian modern man (“haylegnaw lij”) (The Will vs. Tradition)

All have their rebellion towards their father (“the Truth”) in common.

Thereby (not chronological) Franz Kafka is telling the love story in his role as the midwife during the birth of the continental philosophers of our age ( in the occident).

I am afraid I am now beginning to understand our human condition…Upto now I was just feeling to have a notion of it….I am grateful that nature has enstored such minds like H.A. who have the courage to give us light in the process of our rational reflection.

I am anxious to go through the “novel“.

That was just exercise One: Tradition and the Modern Age.

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