The New Humanism….by….Edward Howard Griggs

You want regret if you go through it….

It goes like ……

“There can be no true heroism, no independent greatness which does not
spring from the heart of common humanity; and there can be no true
social union which does not depend upon the highest individuality, the
most independent consecration to truth.

The absence of the one quality is the measure of the decay of the other.
Instead of true social union, and fearless and consecrated personality
and leadership, we have too often the selfish and whimsical mob, and the
flattering demagogue, the lawless and irresponsible use of power ….

Thus the evolution of social solidarity is the necessary complement of
the development of personal life. There is no true good for one that is
not good for all. If I share my loaf of bread with my neighbor I have
half a loaf left, but the love that prompted the division grows by the
process. Every intellectual advance attained by one man is an added
intellectual power to all others. The interests of the spiritual world
are common, for life is possible to one only through the integration of
his life with all. Intellectual realization of one’s self consists in
the widening of the relation of the individual to the universe.
Emotional realization of life means the unity of each with all in love,
through the medium of a union with other individuals.
Volitional realization of one’s self lies in action that expresses
characte, and is helpful to all. Gierdano Bruno understood it when he said:
“Intelligence therefore is perfected, not in one, in another, or in
many, but in all.” And Goethe, the apostle of self-culture, knew that
man is man only in union with humanity, for he could say sublimely: “If
now, during our own lifetime, we see that performed by others, to which
we ourselves felt an earlier call, but which we had been obliged to give
up, with much besides: then the beautiful feeling enters the mind, that
only mankind together is the true man, and the individual can be joyous
and happy only whe he has the courage to feel himself in the whole.”

Individual human beings are like members of a vast orchestra engaged in
the creation of the sublime music of humanity. Each must express his own
ideal through the instrument he has chosen. But unless the tones he
produces are in unison with the rest, they are not music but discordant
sounds: in harmony with the creative effort of all they are
indespensable elements in the symphony of life”….

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