Young beautiful minds

I don’t know how I got to these sides of a young scholar. Internet is the fortune of this generation, which makes such access to such diversed minds possible. With all these tremendous references he makes and suggests it is highly interesting to witness how consciousness works on such beautiful minds (Cosma! etc.). If consciousness meets the hard components it worths, the bliss of knowledge is the significant function of the special “quality of music, ‘q’ ” (I= hq*q) I would always like to remember….(see Franklin Merrell-Wolff’s experience)

—————The Relationship of Music – quality of music to Intelligence:

“.. A tiny melody from the Cosmic Symphony ” , which trilled “joyously into the mind – a little stretch born forth from the Grand Harmony.” And from this a wave of joy was distilled and pulsed through ” …. ” There were no words, no ideas, not any other form, yet one might say It was the very essence of Sound and Meaning. It was utterly satisfactory and filling. It was the veryPower that makes all things to become clear. Again there flowed the Current of gentle joy that penetrates through and through…. It appears as of the nature of a fluid, for there is this sense of ‘flowing through’. It penetrated all tensions with the effect of physical release.
All over and through and through there is a quality that may well be described as physiological happiness. The organism feels no craving for sensuous distraction to find enjoyment. “2
(2 — As quoted from Franklin Merrell-Wolff, Pathways Through To Space (New York: Warner Books, 1976; in the Epilogue to “The Harmony Model” I promote)

If only I were 30 years younger and had remained hold of the moment with the necessary “grey matter”.

Anyhow learning is also not so bad a property. I have n’t regretted so far to look into his sides, full of treasure, without of course never losing my own small treasure, rational opinion.

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