"The Four Injuries"

“Part of reinventing the sacred is to heal these injuries—injuries that we hardly know we suffer. If we are members of a universe in which emergence and ceaseless creativity abound, if we take that creativity as a sense of God we can share, the resulting sense of the sacredness of all of life and the planet can help orient our lives beyond the consumerism and commodification the industrialized world now lives, heal the split between reason and faith, heal the split between science and the humanities, heal the want of spirituality, heal the wound derived from the false reductionist belief that we live in a world of fact without values, and help us jointly build a global ethic. These are what is at stake in finding a new scientific worldview that enables us to reinvent the sacred.”1

By Stuart A. Kauffman
1 http://www.edge.org/3rd_culture/kauffman08/kauffman08_index.html

See please the relation of these “four injuries” to the four planes of the Harmony Model:

Humanities, values =======> The Cultural plane

Reason===============> The Social plane

Faith================> The Spiritual plane

Science, facts ==========> The Material plane


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