"Cosmos and Psyche" from Richard Tarnas

On the way of my inquiry: “What is wrong with us?” I came across the book of Mr. Richard Tarnas, “Cosmos and Psyche”.


It is Fascinating! According to my opinion, it is a “must read” for all those who belonged to the “generation of emotion” and still live with a glimpse of hope and optimism (It renders a sense of hope that the sacrifice of all those dear friends and other victims of circumstances and history included is not in vain).

It is not just the “usual esoteric stuff” or astrological common place, you may be prejudiced to be engaged with. It is in effect a comprehensive integral research on the “history of modernity” and enlightenment ( to be read with his prelude, “The Passion of the Western Mind”) from an astrological perspective with an astounding details of historical facts and events without the slightest touch of dogmatism and prejudice towards historically conditioned emerging thoughts but with an objective of showing the celestial synchronicity (cf. Jung) of human development and their archetypal meanings (interpreted in astrological or planetary archetypal complex of ideas and meanings).

FYI, see the following review from the astrologer’s perspective.

“.let me try and put things into perspective.

Firstly, it has to be said that some of the astrological connections Tarnas makes in these pages are breath-taking. Perhaps my favorite is the parallel he points out between the French Revolution of 1789, and the contemporary mutiny on the Bounty, which he describes as: a kind of laboratory case of a continuing synchronous emergence of parallel events totally isolated from each other yet reflecting the same archetypal complexes. (p.303)
Though the parallels between the 1960’s and revolutionary France around 1790
also need to be mentioned. (This is a recurrent motif in the book, beginning at p.144.)

Secondly, he is a respected academic. As events in university circles remind us periodically, there are plenty of academics with an untutored hatred for astrology.

So, by explicitly advocating astrology, Tarnas must surely be putting his reputation

on the line. And he is doing so in pursuit of what he believes in, in order to make
the world a better place. So, absolute respect to the man!”….

Even if you belong to the skeptic mind and give room for methodical errors in the collection of data and their synthesis, you may admire the fact of being reminded to the vast collection of historical and intellectual events, which made the contemporary human collective mind, be it the way you may like to see it interpreted or otherwise. I am touched and animated to dig more and engage myself with the human jungle of knowledge, more and more than ever…..There is a lot to learn… in the way I was engaged, especially during the last 4-5 years….after my own personal phenomenological experience; not out of the blues but out of the wits of my own inquiry into life, our experience and concern towards our own roots, which is still condemned to suffer under dogmatically blindfolded “children”, who refuse to grow and are so much perverted to get their pleasure in throwing people with the slightest glimpse of enlightenment into their dark cells trying in vain to mold them into their obscure caves.

Let alone their counterparts and opponents; even, such young artists, who just want to love, and live…in harmony…to make this short life for them and their generation a little bit more beautiful…are behind bars!


Anyway, coming back to the theme of “Knowledge”, for sure, I will not be bored in my later ages as long as my intellect would like to cooperate…..

This is as far as this life is concerned. If there happens to be another one….which I no doubt Hope for all the rest of my life….I will be the first to welcome this, if it is a sort of regeneration, in which all sorts of new archetypal meanings with different new major (planetary, to remain in the schema of Mr. R. T.) constellation will emerge and exist as new beings in the new generations to ultimately make and bear the “Harmonious Man” at the end of the Day…at the end of Time, if it has an End at all or No-Time. “The Harmonious Man” with all the major archetypes coherently embedded, and interacting to make the divine proportion, where “…the very heart of one’s being is united with the cosmos and the divine in a sublime harmony”. (R.T. on Dante’s epiphany, “Cosmos and Psyche”, p. 369)

(See my pictures:)

So be it that or this way….
Wonderful….is the work of Mr. Tarnas…Try to get it on the Amazon….It is not that expensive in paper back…
I could not escape the temptation of having it for my own, for future reference, since I am grateful to come across these thoughts, which enforced me in my faith that “Life is full of purpose” and not simply a sort of an accidental “chemical scum” happening to emerge out of nothing and exist somehow around there in the universe… After the tiny intuition on “The purpose of Life”, which I was trying to formulate in my playing ground -“The Harmony Model”, I would say this was the sort of a scholar work which I was looking for.

To make the circle complete, because of my Ethiopian roots, it just remains to see how far and deep this astrological interpretation has its validity to particular areas of the globe too. I would be very eager to see an analysis of Ethiopian historical events and development out of this perspective. If I get the Data I need, I would take the pleasure of this hobby and will look into Ethiopian historical and perhaps intellectual landmarks (if any, globally relevant) to see how far the “universal archetypes and meanings” have their imprints on us and our people too. Or is it just a “Western” or Euro-centric” interpretation as some “patriots” may rush to condemn this work of an interesting scholar without the slightest bias towards other cultures (from whatever corner of our beautiful earth the culture emerges), as you would certainly conceive in his analysis of the relevant global events, insights, thoughts and inventions he collected for his research.

Please take a break and a breath …and read it…I am sure you will not regret your time…Past ….present ….and…..future…but be enlightened and multidimensional in your outlook.

During my readings into Richard Tarnas ‘ “Cosmos and Psyche” and out of a further curiosity, laying aside all prejudices , I searched for relevant sides in the Web , in order to be engaged some more on astrology for the first time in my life. (Though, in my playing ground -the harmony model…Astrology was also a point of reference. I was not that biased and have sensed that there may be a healthy fluid interface towards astronomy /see alchemy too/).

I came across the following interesting references on Astrology and Science.


I looked at some examples of astrological charts (in my family, including myself) and I found an overwhelming substance which is apparently true. Along this I looked into the “Harmony Model” with which I am playing to understand the world and our psyche, whether the archetypes of the astrological system fit into it. They indeed do and as long as the tenets of the „Harmony Model” is understood, I think it is helpful in perceiving the phenomena.

Planetary Archetypes and Meanings*

Integrated in the Harmony Model

1. Sun / Selfhood: The intersection of the Absolute, the Material, the spiritual and the Human planes

2. Moon / Psyche: The intersection of the Absolute, the Social, the Cultural and the Human planes

3. Mercury /Mind: The intersection of the Human and the Material planes within the Spiritual sphere

4. Venus / Love: The intersection of the Human and the Social planes within the parameters of the Cultural sphere

5. Mars / War; Struggle: The intersection of the Absolute and the Cultural planes in the context of the Social sphere

6. Jupiter /Victory; Success: The intersection of the Absolute and the Spiritual planes posited in the Material sphere

7. Saturn / Power: The intersection of the Absolute and the Social planes

8. Uranus/ R-Evolution: The intersection of the Human and the Cultural planes

9. Neptune / Faith: The intersection of the Human and the Spiritual planes

10. Pluto / Transcendence: The intersection of the Absolute and the Material planes.

All said, nonetheless, my foundation is still reality, as far and deep as the universe and as open as the reasonable mind can always permit!!

Reality on

1/ a material foundation

2/ a cultural background

3/ a social structure

but including ….

4/ a reasonable spiritual pre-disposition

based on a non-dogmatic philosophy, which gives room for a lot of substance as much as my human condition, nature or life allows.

LIFE is a beautiful adventure full of Wonders for the curious Human Intellect!


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