ArcBischop Desmond Tutu

On the ocasion of the freedom-prize-award cermony of the Free University of Berlin, besides his impressing authentic personality, from the highly intertaining free speech of ArcBischop Demond Tutu, the following metaphors are what would long remain in my memories.


“Somebody in South Africa died. His name was Desmond Tutu. Because of all the sins he commited on earth challenging the state and the old structure of South Africa, he was thrown into hell. After a short time, God heard someone hammering on the gates of heavon. It was the devil. He asked God to give him asylum to remain in heavon for a while, since someone called Desmond Tutu is making such a trouble the he would abondon his responsibility for hell.” ….Or Desmond Tut should leave hell.
During the apartheid Desmond Tutu was visiting a military academy in the USA. The academy gave him a cap as a gift. The small cap apparently didn’t fit into his head. His wife went to the podium to give back the cap and said….”We are sorry we can’t accept this gift, since the head of my husband is too big for the cap”….

Demsond Tutu added ” …and I am living with this woman all these years”

…… military caps….are too small for “big heads” .

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