Quality of Music….and Intelligence

The Hypothesis on Quality of Music….and Intelligence

Whatever the origin may be, at the beginning (creation or not; leaving this for the sovereign Individual to find his own system or confusion); there is Energy and Intelligence or only Energy. This Beginning has brought about after generations two spheres of life.

These two spheres of Life according to the Model of Harmony, which I want to deal with, are:

The Human Hemisphere and the Godly Hemisphere

The Human Hemisphere consists of

I. The social and

II. The cultural plane

The godly hemisphere consists of

III. The material and

IV. The spiritual plane.

There are also two other planes on the transcendental level, which are not a point of discussion here. Just to complete the picture, they are:

V. The human and

VI. The Absolute plane

These two Hemispheres with all their structural moments, giving room for all forms of complexity and diversity, are in Harmony with each other. The harmony lives with its diversity and complexity in order to be full of life. Significant for these two Hemispheres are Intelligence for the “Human Hemisphere” and Energy for the “Godly Hemisphere”. Whether we the Humans like it or not these two central factors would be in a harmonious relation with each other. There is a very good saying in Amharic/bible…

”Chew lerasish sitiyi tafchi weinim dingay belew yittlushal”1. For solving our problems, if we the Humans are not in a position, with all the Intelligence at our disposal, to have this Harmony always in mind, nature will take care of it with all the consequences thereafter. Concerning the interdependence, multidimensionality, and the interrelations of the different factors, for the Godly Hemisphere, it can be assumed that the theory of Relativity. has a validity in this context too. I.e. this is solved with the famous statement of Einstein:

E = mc2 ; Energy = Mass x (Speed of Light) 2 /to the power of 2/

What does it look like for the “Human Hemisphere”?

The Hypothesis proposed here is, that there is a parallel or an analogous way of generalising the social reality.

This is formulated in a similar way like the theory of relativity:

I = hq2 ; Intelligence = Humanity x (Quality of Music)2 /to the power of 2/

I= Intelligence; h=Humanity; q= Quality of Music (For further elaboration see the legend part…”the Hypothesis”).




In a statement of clarification on the above hypothesis,

Intelligence == humanity x (quality of music)2

I expresed my hope that science would one day come to substantiate the intuition, I made some four years back:

“Not only Mystics, Time and Space may evolve to render this Truth a scientific foundation. Until then it is my pleasure to live, not only with the Faith but also with the knowledge, that the fundament of this truth is supported by the (non systematic) studies I made so far, in the field of philosophy and faith, ever since the harmony model was constituted in this form.”

I am happy to come across the following research, books and publications etc. . The rest is all told by the science of music Mr. Daniel J. Levitin has researched in the context of neurology:

Please look into his highly interesting documents and books:





Psychologist, Musician & Author

Daniel J. Levitin is the James McGill Professor of Psychology and Neurosciences at McGill University, where he holds associate appointments in the Department of Neurology & Neurosurgery, the Faculty of Education, School of Computer Science, and in the Schulich School of Music. He is the author of two best-selling books about music cognition: This Is Your Brain on Music: The Science of a Human Obsession, and The World in Six Songs: How the Musical Brain Created Human Nature. read more


See more:




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