Living Systems in Evolution

Promoting Harmony…..
Science is speaking the Language of Harmony …
I would say Elisabet Sahtouris is one of the pioneers….along this line….
she tells us in a few words…
“I like to think of creaturehood as life music played on a keyboard, with consciousness or
spirit represented by the high keys, electromagnetic energy as the mid-range and matter
as the low keys. With this metaphor, we see that Einstein showed us how to transpose the
music of the mid-range to the low range and back, with his simple equation E = MC2. Now
we are seeking the key to transposing from the high keys into the world of matter via
electromagnetic energy, through the ZPE field, called the Plenum by the Greeks, the ether
by Europeans and the Implicate Order by physicist David Bohm. I participate in many
different discussion groups on this subject, mostly with other scientists, all of us asking: “If
consciousness is the source of creation, just how does it transmute into our measurable
electromagnetic energy? What are the properties of electromagnetic energy that we do
not yet understand? What keys lie in the ZPE range?”

Living Systems in Evolution

Elisabet Sahtouris, PhD.

Presented as part of
At Home In The Universe: a symposium
on the developing dialogue between science and religion

at the
World Parliament of Religions
Capetown, South Africa, December 1999

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