From the Four Pillars of Education (UNESCO)

From the Four Pillars of Education (UNESCO):

Learning to be


education should contribute to every person’s complete development – mind and body, intelligence, sensitivity, aesthetic appreciation and spirituality. All people should receive in their childhood and youth an education that equips them to develop their own independent, critical way of thinking and judgement so that they can make up their own minds on the best courses of action in the different circumstances in their lives.


This human development, which begins at birth and continues all through a person’s life, is a dialectic process which is based both on self-knowledge and on relationships with other people. It also presupposes successful personal experience. As a means of personality training, education should be a highly individualized process and at the same time an interactive social experience.”

Learning to Live together:

“Learning to Jive together in peace and harmony is a dynamic, holistic and lifelong process through which mutual respect, understanding, caring and sharing, compassion, social responsibility, solidarity, acceptance and tolerance of diversity among individuals and groups (ethnic, social, cultural, religious, national and regional) are internalized and practised together to solve problems and to work towards a just and free, peaceful and democratic society.
This process begins with the development of inner peace in the minds and hearts of individuals engaged in the search for truth, knowledge and understanding of each others cultures. and the appreciation of shared common values to achieve a better future.

Learning to live together in peace and harmony requires that quality of relationships at all levels is committed to peace. human rights, democracy and social justice in an ecologically sustainable environment.”

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