The Four Pillars of Education and "The Harmony Model"

The Quintessence of Life lies on:(cf. the Harmony Model)

(“The Four Pillars of Learning”/ cf. UNESCO*)

I. The social plane

1.“Learning to do”

Family, Community, State :

The process of “learning to do”

begins in the family, extends

in the community and obtains its

sublime nature in the state.

II. The cultural plane

2.“Learning to live together”

Love, Ethics, Laws:

The fundamentals of “Learning to live

together” takes its initials in love, begins

to take norms in moral ethics of the

community to sublime in the laws of

the “democratic”state.

III. The Material plane

3.“Learning to know”

Mankind, Nature, The Universe:

“Learning to know” mankind, nature and

the universe at large is the basics of Life

escorting man from the cradle up to the

depth of That Beyond.

IV. The Spiritual plane

4.“Learning to be”

Conscience, Religion, Faith:

“Learning to be” is the ultimate

purpose of life, be it to take its final

or intermittent expression in a healthy

social conscience, tolerant religion or faith,

philosophically sound to sublime in the

maturity of the Human.

*The Harmony model I like to promote, as demonstrated here in short, happens to go with

“UNESCO’s “The Four Pillars of Education” (J. Delors).

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