The Essence of Life is IN-BETWEEN, not IN-CONTRA -DICTION

The Essence of Life is IN-BETWEEN in its moment of the integral PROCESS:

What …“Manuel De Landa calls ‘organizing chaos’ can only happen in the middle of extremes.”

There is … and white, up and down , right and left …right and wrong……justice – injustice…legittimate -illegitimate….etc. etc…..1 and 0…..1 and 0 …. ..101010101010101010 all binaries….etc….etc…..but the point is that this is not the quintessence of life…To make the music….even an old PIANO has several keys, not only the far left and right ones; let alone all the other musical instruments…..Life is all that is in BETWEEN and in the DEPTH in the INTENSITY within that and this. All the colours of the Spectrum between Black and White are those dynamic BECOMING forces of life, the differentials (in the language of Deleuze…My “favoured” philosopher these days..) which are screaming to be noticed with all the subjectivity of the Wo-MAN or the MAN throughout our lives. Let the MIND work in the way it is endowed by Nature as universal as it could….and not in the way it has been pumped and trimmed time and again throughout all the past radicalizing ages of ideology and religion… All the colours of life….screaming to be noticed in their appropriate intensities, singularitites, multiplicities, diversities (Deleuze…) so that this univocal LIFE is worth the Miracle IT promises as miracoulsly as it has emerged out of “I DONT KNOW WHAT”.

As time goes by, the legacy dialectical simplification of life, is becoming not only tediously elementary but meaningless in solving problems. The Problems of the extemes (Black and White, right and wrong….etc) which were haunting us all throughout the generations of “Enlightenment”.

Therefore….. “Let us come to the Future”….This Future is already there in several corners of the globe….It is just awaiting the ready MIND. “Sytemic ” / “complexity theory” is for instance one of the viable running “attractors” for making a serious reflection.

The Limits of Marxism:

In Marxism, the blunder is that it is only one dimensional and linear…..binary …..dialectical……and I might add just simply “historical”(i.e. ‘human’-centric..or as a matter of fact….even just”euro-centric” as Manuel DeLanda notes *)…..That is not enough at all for life. LIFE as Diversified , as Intensified, and as Extensified as it BECOMES, with all the singularities and multiplicities it is producing day and night. Let all the flowers blossom…The spiritual…..the cultural…..the material ….the social……and Not this or that class! We are all our own classes (“an für sich”) in our own singularity and capacity …and yes …. let’s say even….in our own majesty, ….why not, ….since we are ALL ONE and exceptional…I AM I….We are all exceptional and special! “Wir sind ja alle einmalig und besonders.” SINGULAR”…Singular all in our own integration of energy and intelligence….Open ended until “Beyond ” and why not beyond “Beyond”….Who are we to limit IT?…who are we to know the LIMITS….since

1. Knowledge is absolute (to Intelligence)

2. Matter / mass is relative (to Energy).

But, beware……not the singular crazy in the black hole…driving the masses into madness and death……But the singularities at the edge….working for the emergence of the new layer! That is what makes the difference ….that is making a difference…..I think….


M. DeLanda (1997, A thousand years of nonlinear history )

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