Understanding Deleuze!!!

DeLanda on the Philosophy of Deleuze:
“…Deleuze’s work constitutes a true challenge to language-obsessed
postmodernism, a neomaterialism which promises to enrich the conceptual
reservoirs of both science and art and that one day could lead to a complete
reconceptualization of our history as well as of our alternatives for the future.~”
15.03.2010 art orbit deleuze delanda


What …“Manuel De Landa calls ‘organizing chaos’ can only happen in the middle of extremes.”

“Manuel De Landa’s project sees the possibility for human development to be in inclusion of the flows of energy and matter. He rejects the impoverished bottom-up approaches to historiography which ignore synergistic interactions between their parts, as well as the top-down approaches imposing the assumed systems to interpret reality. This fundamentally different approach reveals the generative processes that govern all systems, and opposes the teleological notions of anthropocentric progress. The domains of matter inherent in complex systems inform a view of the world as the self-adaptive, highly interconnected, free-assembling structure of potent matter. Therefore, according to Manuel De Landa, the world is a place of infinite variations.”

However, infinite variations of a cosmic scale and etrnally unlimited for any form of phenomenal existance….be it in the past or the future, with all open posibilities …also beyond matter….no “matter” what it is like…ineffable at the moment.
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