SPRING is Becoming!

SPRING is Becoming!
Networks escape our immediate attention because we are naturally and generically always engaged with them, like moving our legs and hands while walking and talking on a sunny day of a spring. Space and time is however abundant in networks, in all their diverse forms and modes.
Networks ….networks….networks…networks…networks….Life is just full of networks…..and……relations…….social/political…..culturial…….economic…..spiritual……..material…….from nature through mankind upto the universal …..even in a cosmic scale……
If the INTELLECTUAL as a singular and an autonomous entity …..could ever see through the intensities and multiplicities (Deleuze’s philo-catagories) of these networks ….with the good will/desire (Deleuze**) of mediation…..the Political and the Social would turn to be a positive plane, where progress could be attained as a whole,…… with its total sum of ….. “CIVIL—ization” (not meaning a “western” mode of life, but a process of building a solid social complex in the interest of the citizen)….be it cultural or technical modernization…….

The Ethiopian modern elite so far seem to have a problem in this role….(The role of a catalyst (cf. DeLnada) for something to emerge anew (cf. complexity theory)).

The following essays are interesting introductions on the theoretical promotion of understanding the ontology of networks… (based on the thoughts of Foucault, Deleuze+ and Delanda).

If the elite mange to look at our history from this perspective of “networks”, I believe , inspite of what went “wrong” in history -be it recent or older, – ” …..a battle ….not based on the logic of meaning but on that of events” (cf. Foucault/Kai Eriksson) – as an emerging “collective”, ……..the Ethiopians; ….ie. WE can ALL-together terminate —the non-productive and the rather weird period of war and revolution – to organise a “productive” future, better and wiser; “productive” in all its dimensions of meaning, under the given conditions of the social “ontology”. In this social “ontology” the big obstacle seems to be the political section – the political dimension is still struggling to come out of its infantility….( See the election campaign these days! The same old themes….of ethnicity are being introduced).
We have to break out of the box!!
Like these young people at the grass roots,

I find the following approaches**, to be helpful to do better in our reflections:


If you want to download Delanda’s lecture (for individual use):

**”Deleuze’s conception of philosophy is characterized by an aspiration to think through flows, movements, alliances, and disentanglements rather than essences, structures, or institutions: for him it is desire and lines of flight that set the conditions of power, communication, and history.”(Foucault, deleuze, and the ontology of networks, Kai Eriksson a Department of Sociology, University of Helsinki, FIN-00014 Helsinki, Finland. p604/p11)

+ Deleuze’s works and books /rather difficult to follow/ (Difference & repititions, Anti-Oedipus, A Thousand Plateaus, What is Philosophy etc.); Delanda’s (A thousand of years of nonlinear history; A new philosophy of society, War in the Age of Intelligent Machines etc.)

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