There is so much potential in “Complexity Theory” and the related “Systemic Philosophical” outlook, that in this time of crisis (Ethiopia-Africa) WE could make – the Best and – a lot – out of IT. Be it in a cultural development (Arts, literature, music etc) or a “sustainable” new and healthy social economy….If ….If…..only…Those who happened to dominate “The State” of affairs….would dare to reflect….setting up the right priorities…the decisive policies and the room and space of freedom and emancipation….in a global – national scale, with a commitment for an overwhole INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT, which would tremendously enhance sooner or later a BIG BIG LEAP in our technological Development…EMERGENCE…….avoiding almost all the pitfalls the “western intellectual”-world is still struggling to escape or …get rid of…..like “evironmental problems”…”psycho-consumption-epidemy” etc…or simply existential-fear engulfed in a non-reflective intellectual poverty, which gives thousands of room and space for all sorts of “demagogues” to play with the “basic” backward instincts of the mass, to still beleive in the naked “magical forces of the market” to bring about social justice and development; inspite of the disastorous outcome of their “neo-liberalism”, which is today manifested in the recent financial crisis ….( It is with this in mind, I think, that the old living famous social-democrat ex- chancellor Helmut Schmidt said a pair of weeks ago on the issue, that the social-market-economic-system /”Soziale Marktwirtschaft”/ is one of the main achievements of the century, with its emphasis on the “social” – just to mention here , …to which, the achievement Obama made on “health insurance” this week belongs too)…….In a nutshell ….”western economy” in its traditional and classical touch is still in the turmoil …at best, at the edge of the “chaotic” plane working hard on its way into and ……towards a healthy and sustainable quality of life . This is one aspect, the other is that… the corresponding “conservative” forces are on the contrary …..trying to look for “a work around” by settling in regions like “Africa” and where ever it is possible to relieve themselves from the “chaotic plane” which the “industralized” man has brought upon the modern “human”. ( See ….the disastor of the “Gibe Project” . This falls in this catagory of irresponsibility and indifference for the long-term welfare of Man/Wo-Man !)


Making a difference:
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