The biggest obstacle for a positive state of mind is the presence of an
illusion....an illusion that suggests all through our Life - from cradle
through nurture upto culture..... that our difference is an obstacle to our
harmony and peace of our existence....with an urge to seek identity at
all stages of life.....with the false notion of looking at
difference....as a factor of negativity.....,
whereas it is meaningless to look for harmony if there is no difference
between the elements of that very harmony.

What is however the reality? .....The fundamental truth of the
reality*.....of life is ....Difference and that difference is productive
and a factor of positivity.....Once we accept this fact of life...the virtual
immanent urge of order, harmony, and peace will become in the realm of
possibility, given the duration of time to be basic in life.
Thus, Difference ...cultural and social Difference in Ethiopia can only
be a huge reservoir of productivity....in all dimensions we can imagine
if only could we emerge with a capacity to THINK ... and REFLECT on difference
Difference is productive (Deleuze)...

Look at the thousand flowers of the Ethiopian cultural beauty of diversity:
Arba-minch-collective and thousand stars festival


HAPPY EASTER...EASTER is also a positive symbol of universal Difference
in life united in the religious doctrine of christianity...signifying the
defeat of death!


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