Promoting Deleuze & DeLanda

These papers of DeLanda are presumeably some 10 years old…but they can still be read today…as actual as ever:


In this context, I would like to note, that, my ideological carousel/“Karusell”…under my inquiry of “what is wrong with us…?” is gradually coming to its termination… I believe to understand why…!! The central key in this understanding is my encounter with all the figures & thoughts “dancing & vibrating” around Deleuze and “Complexity theory”….with Delanda’s “neo-materialism” playing an impressive role…..

I say this, for as any human, I cann’t escape the temptation of immodesty, even if it is still wiser and humble to speak with Sokrates…that
“I know that I know nothing”! …

A small fish /a human/ swimming around the harbor of New York will never be in a position to see (let alone understand) the galeries of Manhatten (read Beyond), just because he is making a summersault in the air once in a while in its endeavour to escape being a prey of an eagle (read nature), calmly waiting to come across its meal….Even if that fish happens to be called Marx, Napoleon or Tewodros or the Pope, won’t change the substance of the fish!!!! A fish remains a fish …even if his “God” or “the Absolute” / the “Meta-Physics” which endowed him with a complex “Mind” , through all the transformation-means and processes of complexity, might be around the corner…( Meta-multi-Verse). It makes what it wants to make out of the fish…matter or plasma, information, idea or spirit…simple, singular or complex …oooooor……ooooorrr…. both, diverse and intense….or ….even …quantum and ashore the Beyond…etc….I would just say…..WE just don’t know any more…! This may be the point and nuance, where I would like to dif-fer from these people ( Deleuze etc.) I am coming to admire…and learn from…

In other words, the fact that we don’t need an “exterior beyond” instance to “Become and Be” what we are…doesn’t still give us the “right” and belief to be in an absolute confidence of knowing “What WAS, IS and COULD BE ….There and Here”! It is an adequate or even a big achievement that the Fish knows how the fish happened to emerge out of this “presumable” “void and chaos”…(Deleuze + DeLanda etc.). The Know-How out of LHC/Cern*/ won’t either change this fact.


If we do…think we know It…it is not science but it is a religion of science or a religion of religion or in a nutshell an ideology…..and we can close all the gates of our contemporary libraries, museums, galleries and the old cathedrals of religion to errect the new cathedrals of “science” and pseudo-“atheism” (- somthing like,(1, see below)… And for sure, then….. a new era of enlightenment….will come along….to open and inaugurate a new kind of science…much complexer than we could ever imagine today….Besides his brilliance…It is this courage for “The New”, which I like from…DeLanda….One man -philosopher- from somewhere in the South..from some where out of the street of Mexico…

…Something… the moment…”The Vibration (0 ) of -Maklit Hadero’s ton…suggests…. coming up with- the swing voice…. “Walk UP….Walk Up….straight through the roof….straight through the hole in the ceiling – take your place in the sky”(2) …….


And….Thus….it…..still…..remains…..”What is wrong with us…?” ….
(Not “The Queen”,still hoping “she” is not in danger) “God”, save Melesse, “our” PM, who believes to know everything, to “cut the tongues and hands” of his own commrades in “arms and errors”!



My Word of The YEAR 2010 and in the Future is and will be VIBRATION replacing Contradiction whenever it- a phenomenon- comes across my mind…Life is full of vibrations and not contradictions…The outcome of vibrations will be either resonance ( ex. harmony) resulting in emergence or collapse and chaos…inaugurating the process of the next round in a new slice of time and space………”Contradiction”…is a simple and linear perception of relations, which are actually manifestations of the vibrations of life taking place substantially at the fundamental level. – Contradictional peception, mostly ending up in a process of polarization counteracting or containing and maintaining the process in the plane of the chaotic phase….or overlooking the possibility of the ensuing resonance, which could be the outcome of the latter vibrations. (cf. Complexit theory; this is as far as I take it in short & rough)

And Life in Ethiopia coming out of such A VIBRATION can also be

So beautifully genuine…musical….vital…social…diverse and peaceful ….
To download for private use:


Remarks made during the Fifth Solvay International Conference (October 1927), as quoted inPhysics and Beyond : Encounters and Conversations (1971) by Werner Heisenberg, p. 87; these comments prompted the famous remark later in the day by Wolfgang Pauli : “Well, our friend Dirac, too, has a religion, and its guiding principle is “God does not exist and Dirac is His prophet.” (Variant translations and paraphrases of the remark are listed in the “Quotes about Dirac” section below).


walk up (Melkit Hadero’s Lyric- from the album – On a Day Like this)

walk up straight through the roof
straight through the hole in the ceiling
take your place in the sky

oh look around at the clouds
that hold you
that hold you

and the birds surround you
the birds surround you
they circle you and make
a tornado from the air

it feels just like you dreamed
just like you dream

oh, your shoulders are clear
they have given up the weights and the knots
the weights and the knots
the weights and the knots

no more gravity around you
no more gravity
no more gravity

and in a funny way you identify with the
piece of paper you saw
floating down the street
earlier in the day

who knew this
who knew this would be easy

and you suddenly think of the kings
and the poets in the past
and how they must have felt just like this
on a day like this
on a day like this


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