Qualifying Music – "The Quality of Music" …..for….MAY-DAY!

Main idea: Music is both a mirror and a prophecy.
It is a mirror, for its organization resembles the current organization of our society: music is “a repository of . . . the social score.” (p. 9) “Music runs parallel to human society, is structured like it, and changes when it does.” (10)
It is our “collective memory of the social order.” (9)



A work on music by Jacques Attali….. I have all reasons to go with this line of thought…. since I still stick to my intuition…(The Harmony Model)…the thesis on the role of….”The quality of Music”.

http://books.google.de/books-The-Political-Economy of-Music 0)

A very critical book-review …..at the time of its publication:

After learning and researching in a sort of “hobby”… a lot (from philosophy and related stuffs…including quantum-physics…etc) during the last 6-7 years; I would say …..the following note I made, while jotting down the “raw intuition” on the thesis of the role of….”The quality of Music” in “The Harmony Model”….. is not so exaggerarted as it seems….:

“Statement of clarification

1. This contribution is neither an outcome of extensive reading
nor a copy of that author or book but a result of common sense, a
small portion of insight and a sincere “search for truth”( not research),
after some shade of bitter life experience, abandoning all
dogmas, which caused a lot of sacrifice to the generation of my
youth and messed up our intellectual development. To make a
hypothesis on Social Reality, as a point of departure, it takes and
relies on the Relativity statement of Einstein, which is so far
incontestable for the Natural Reality. With all respect, I of course
demand to be forgiven, if this interpretation for the purpose of
understanding Life happens to displace his great work of high research..
However the case, how naive this interpretation may
seem at face value, the faith behind it, is nevertheless so strong to
believe that it is true. Not only Mystics, Time and Space may
evolve to render this Truth a scientific foundation. Until then it is my
pleasure to live, not only with the Faith but also with
the knowledge, that the fundament of this truth is supported by the
(non systematic) studies I made so far, in the field of
philosophy and faith, ever since the harmony model was
constituted in this form.

What is the relevance of this to us -Ethiopia or Africa- would one ask ? Mind-bogging in theoretical or spiritual matters? NO, I would say – it matters a lot !…Given that the victims are all ill-directed and manipulated…it is not a “piece of accidence” that at this time of history, fundamentalism …be it “Christian” or “Islam”…. is reviving at such a high pace that one day the notiion of enlightenment would give way to religious obscurity and intolerance (where one could imagine a political line of flight… with a lot of faschistoid seeds….open for manipulation……see the movements in the vicinity of “Pentecoste” & “Al Ka’eda”) ……and that all sorts of “religious” affiliations are shooting up like mushrooms out of the various social groundss around the globe ……It is I think…an urge for the fulfillment of “spiritual” deficits —a space of desire ( Deleuze & F.G)…which has been vacant due to the bankrupcy of political “ideologies” and “visions”, witnessed during this generation….Ie. the “spiritual plane” …… on the trajectory of philosophy and enlightened “faith” is desserted and arid….
Human history (cf. Europe or Far East….India…etc. …) in the course of its positive cultural and technological development, has however never been devoid of its “spiritual” component…(contirbution may vibrate in various ways ….but always with a positive differnece )….The “history” ….of…. technical development—-meaning “modern civilization” ….has never done it without the company of the various corresponding, in the language of “complexity theory”…, without “Strange Attrractors of Meanings”(SAM, cf. Dimitrov; 1))….
And it is in this context, ie. in setting up the right and necessary “SAM”s , that I believe “The Harmony Model” can help, transparently articulating the various intricate and complex relations at the macro-level ….enabling us – Ethiopia/ Africa – so that we can tackle the problems and challenges at the micro-level ( be it social, cultural , material, spiritual) by setting up the necessary priority and policy configurations….These challenges would no doubt be accepted…at the level of experts and scholars, who are abundantly available…..if the political will could let them act, react, interact………and VIBRATE together ( OH! I like this concept…Life is nothing but vibration….to make all the difference and differentials …..for Life to come forward….and progress…)

The SAMs of the Harmony -Model are defined in the form of the eight Axes setup at the centers of the eight vibrating correspinding dimensions postulated around the six planes of life…with the resulting 4 big objectives
(Peace, Culture, Wealth and Faith).

These SAMs are (in the harmony model…expressed as Axes ):

1. Humanity (h )
2. Intelligence/Consciousness (I )
3. Music (q)

4. Destiny (D)

5. Mass (m )
6. Energy (E)
7. Light (c)

8. The Source (S)

These are attractors what in Deleuzian terms could be taken for “disjunktive syntheses(desires) 2)

for —–>>>

the eight corresponding Dimensions :

1. The State & Laws
2. Community and Ethics
3. Family & Love

4. The Huma Being & Hope

5. Mankind & Conscience
6. Nature & Religion
7. The Universe & Faith

8. God, The Absolute & Deliverance

In Deleuzian terms these dimensions can also be called “associative /connective syntheses/ assemblages2)

…………making the backbone of the six planes of life…

I. The social plane
II. The cultural plane
III. The Material plane
IV. The Spiritual plane
The interfaces on the transcendental level are
V. The Human plane (consisting of these four planes;3)
VI. The Absolute plane ( consisting of all the planes)

……….And these are the planes of the “conjuctive syntheses” (cf. D. &G.) 2) …..

The factors, Nr. 4 and 8- the variables- or the SAMs – ie. Destiny and Source- seem to have a “spiritual or religious” touch as concepts, but that is necessarily not the case…Any member of a community can take it in his/her own way …and as long as the sovereignity and autonomy of the individual is given- it doesn’t affect the collective interpretation —In other words…Destiny can have the meaning of “Vision” with any sort of “religious” or simply “human” connotation —-And —–Source is not more or less than “initial conditions”(If one wants his “Big Bang” version for ex. it is not devoid of initial conditions…all with endless variations) be it in a scientific interpretation or a religious / spiritual touch, is irrelevant…For instance…if I take myself as an example…for the “One God” I believe in, is such sort of matter totally insignificant….
Theses SAMs will have their cummulated expressions in the global collective SAMs of Energy and Intelligence…formulated for the Material & Spiritual plane (in the Godly Hemisphere) by
E=mc2 ;
Energy = Mass x (Speed of Light)2
and for the social reality, for the social & cultural plane (in the Human Hemisphere) formulated by
I= hq2 ;
Intelligence = Humaniy x (Quality of Music)2

Take for instance….the crucial SAM in this model…I -Intelligence…..One can easily see with this positioning, that this SAM – the collective intelligence – is a key and crucial factor for Development…And therefore, a policy of highest significance can make a tremendous difference in setting the other SAMs in a vibration of high amplitudes….on their trajectories… towards achieving…the BIG objectives of LIFE——————–>>PEACE, Culture, Wealth and Faith…..

Thus, accordingly, the due Priorities and Policies can be set up and configured…..by the political class……in a transparent manner for all members of a community..>>>>

Look for instance at the following SAMs of the section ‘community’ in the harmony
model, 4) which would have a tremendous multiplying and vibrating effect on
almost all the other SAMs…:

1. Education/ profession – in its high relevance to social intelligence, as the crucial “SAM”….a factor of the social plane ( with all the emphasis…due to Music, arts and literature….at the service of an all-round technological and cultural development…for a better collective Mind-Set!)
2. Production /business – the practice of the available intelligence in the community to guarantee the well-being of the social being.
3. Distribution/market – in the attainment of social justice on the one side, which is highly significant for maintaining the high objective – peace- of the social structure, and on the other in making sure that all the necessities of each and every individual is guaranteed on the ground of full individual freedom and liberty.
In this context…UNESCO’s – The Four Pillars of Education…is a good demonstration of an Education policy project!!


That is what I formulated in this context to explain the
social plane …some years back…
The message has still, I think its validity …even after all
what I learned in between…how complex a social philosophy,
specially at its micro dimension……..can be….

The Community and the social plane:

The community is the section of the social plane, which is full
of life and activity, without which the social plane as
a whole would lose its existence. The very existence of the
social plane depends on the harmonious functioning of the
sectors of the community. This can only take place as
far as the factor intelligence, which plays a central role in the
dimension of the community and ethics, is sufficiently available.
Intelligence is thus the qualitative scale of this
section, which can as such be measured in its relation to
the factors of humanity and the cultural development of the
community in question. It is in this sense, be it individual or
the sum total of the members, that intelligence or
consciousness is the ultimate purpose of the community.
Therefore intelligence is considered as the axis of the
community and its ethics, whose nature of existence and
wellbeing can be evaluated in how much and in which quality
the social intelligence is attained – Social intelligence,
which is essentially similar to the quintessence of the sum total
of the intellectual level of the society, thereby elevating the
role of education in the community.
The state cannot exist and doesn’t have any ground without
the community, which it serves. Whatever the form of the
state, the community is actually the main pillar of a society.
Mankind has experienced a lot of models, which tried to
show, how this plane would function at best.
This plane is in history the most controversial part of life.
This is because it is directly related to the peaceful and
prosperous existence of mankind itself. This plane has
been the battlefield of diverse ideas, where in times of history,
reason didn’t prevail and these ideas have transformed
themselves into violence, with the consequence of wars and
revolutions. In this century, the fascist and nationalist states before
World War II or after are instances of intellectual abyss.
The recent socialist-communist experiment, which has
degraded man to an instrument of social manipulation and
has degenerated itself to the autocracy of a few individuals
under a dogmatic ideology with all its variations, is still alive
in the minds of a substantial section of mankind. It is even
still a legacy in the active politics of several parts of the
present world, either in a direct reference to the ideology in the
form it has presented itself in history or de facto in the
promotion of the ideas and the form of governance, camouflaged
and packed for a political market which it could manoeuvre.
The Ethiopian political scenery is also not free from this
legacy, which makes the peaceful resolution of our political
situation difficult. In the Ethiopian reality, this is true not
only for those in state power but also for the opposition.

Even today after all the “new” intellectual “substance” I may have encorporated
in the mean-time, there is not much I would change; except perhaps, to make things and attitudes elaborate, that I would like to reformulate what “Life” is:


LIFE is a manifold complex process of nature to attain
the godly nature of All-Being –

creativity- , by revitalizing

the H-uman, U-niversal and M-ankind’s A-estetic N-ature

(H U MA N), with the ultimate purpose of creating the
Harmonious Human Being

through generations.


May be you would understand now, why I take Deleuze to be my best philosopher!

NOW: The end of bla bla!

Life doesn’t talk as much as we do…

It just takes place…

If we match & march it is ok,

if not it is ok too—

OK for life—for us perhaps NOT!

Like the Ethiopian saying goes:
“ጨው ለራስሽ ስትይ ጣፍጪ
አለበለዚያ ድንጋይ ብለው ይጥሉሻል።”

And that is why we like to talk ….and change….. to match with Nature!

So far Man seems to fail in the matching. From a point of view of Nature, we are more in the mood of consumption and destruction with our means of capitalism, which is becoming more and more a mode of destruction rather than a mode of production….A mode of construction and not a “new” mode of production is perhaps the missing link to resonate with nature to make life….sustainable and rediscover the harmony of life….To achieve this….I feel that, Man has to break out of the vicious circle of production and consumption…..to rediscover its artistic nature ….ሰው በምግብ ብቻ አይኖርም……

Becoming H U M A N with the Ultimate Purpose of Re-dis-covering OUR…


I feel that there is no real pleasure before Joy…the attractor of all attractors….the flow of all flows…or are we doomed and damned only to Become…and never To BE….at least in this universe….What ever the case…..I am rather intuitively sure of the fact that Quality-of-Music is a huge attractor of meaning right at the edge and threshhold of the immanence of life, making this Life as bearable and beutiful as it can be….Where ever we are!!!

Remaining in our space “On a day like THIS….”


Somethng like Meklit Hadero’s Voice is what once in a while gives you that beautiful feeling of Haecceity! Until we are all “the composer” of our own quality of music aware in all dimensions….dancing into the future….in an emerging new society….in the way Jacques Attali’s “Noise “ would like to prophesy:

“What is noise to the old order is harmony to the new.”



It is still Celebration. Celebrating… MAY-DAY ! MAY-DAY 2010!

But this time….MAY- DAY ….more in the sense of “The Greek goddess Maia, who was identified with the Roman era goddess of fertility…”

(cf. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maia_%28mythology%29)…….

…………..for creativity……and a vision for a “new mode of construction” ….since so far all “modes of productions” seem to have failed in the liberation of the HUMAN!



While becoming and learning …and reasearching……..without losing sight of the original ….authentic intuition….”out of the blues”……leading to——> basic survey of philosophical thoughts….all through from —classics—-to—contemporaries…..to encounter recently….>
complexity theory—–interestingly enough……I just found out………that .some 25 years back ….Jacques Attali…..has written…a small volume …..on…..”The political economy of Music”….

Jacques Attali’s most recent book…


1) SAM:

“Strange Attractors of Meaning (SAM)”

“Mathematically, the strange attractor is defined as an attracting set with zero measure (that is, a set capable to be enclosed in intervals with arbitrarily small total length) in an embedding n-dimensional space (called phase space) and has a fractal structure (that is, a structure, which displays self-similarity on all scales of its manifestation). The trajectories, that is, the traces of the energies and forces whirling within the strange attractor, appear to skip around randomly.

The cause for a meaning to emerge can be any dynamical sign projected on the human mental space (Dimitrov and Woog). As far as the projection of each meaning-evoking sign is only an energy pattern – a kind of whirlpool in the flow of thoughts and feelings that can neither be seen nor touch but only expressed in arbitrary small spatio-temporal units of perception, its ‘measure’ is zero.

The phase space where meaning emerges is the ‘multi-dimensional’ mental space of an individual – a non-material (transcendentalin Kantian term) space energized by continuously generated thoughts and feelings.

Meaning has fractal structure – once a certain dynamical sign makes sense to an individual, this individual can ‘zoom’ deeper and deeper into the meaning of this sign. Although each level (‘scale’) of meaning-exploration may differ from any other level, there is similarity between the levels, as they all relate to the dynamics of one and the same sign interpreted by one and the same individual.

The strange attractors of meanings (SAM) can exhort human actions. Although, the actions may appear randomly skipping around, they relate to the attractors of meanings, which propel them. If there is no attractor of meanings behind one’s actions, the actions are simply meaningless; they are running at physical level only. The lack of intelligent support, be it mental, emotional or spiritual, is incompatible with one’s growth as a holistic individuality.”

http://www.zulenet.com/VladimirDimitrov/Strange Attractors of Meaning

“In Deleuze and Guattari’s account there are three syntheses, 1. the connective/associative synthesis or assemblages; 2.disjunctive synthesis, or a synthesis of recording, “of distributions and of co-ordinates that serve as points of reference.” 3.the conjunctive synthesis, a synthesis of consumption or consummation (consommation), “of sensual pleasures, of anxiety, and of pain”: a spark of self-enjoyment that discharges tensions and reboots the entire reproductive process.”

(cf. Shaviro; http://www.shaviro.com/Blog/?p=648; http://www.shaviro.com/Blog/?p=646)

I.e. in the parlance of Deleuzian Philosophy; the dimensions of the harmony model….can be conceptualized as – connective syntheses; the Axes as- disjunctive syntheses and the Planes as- conjunctive syntheses./All at the macro-level of Life/.

3) That is the “poor ” “ME”—->>>>the…. HUMAN – the subject- in the Human Plane—
In the language of Deleuze and Shaviro:
“The subject of the conjunctive synthesis is therefore “a strange subject\ldots with no fixed identity, wandering about over the body without organs, but always remaining peripheral to the desiring-machines.” That is to say, this subject is a productof its experiences, rather than being their ground or their precondition. Here Deleuze and Guattari are thinking less of Descartes than of Kant, whose formulations they both extend and invert. In Kant’s subtle revision of Cartesianism, the cogito no longer refers to a substantial entity. Instead, it designates a formal condition of all experience, “the original synthetic unity of apperception.” Kant says that my various experiences hang together by virtue of the fact that I am able, at least in principle, to claim them all as mine. No matter what particular “ideas” or “presentations” fill my mind, and no matter what I perceive or feel, “the I think must be capableof accompanying all my presentations.” This cogito need not refer to a thinking substance, as it does in Descartes. It need not even imply an actual psychological process; the possibility of there being such a process is enough. My presentations still necessarily belong to me, “even if I am not conscious of them as being mine.” The formal possibility of adding an I think to the contents of my thought, whatever they may be, is thus the basis for the “synthesis” of “everything manifold in intuition” into a “thoroughgoing identity.” This “combination” of presentations into a conjunctive unity is something that “cannot be given through objects, but — being an act of the subject’s self-activity — can be performed only by the subject himself.”…… (cf. http://www.shaviro.com/Blog/?p=648)

AND therefore, it is in this context that, I would say…the promotion like “Change your mind….” is rather relevant for our space and subjects…yes as a “self-activity”:


4) See structural table- Harmony Model-


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