High Time for Dostoewsky !

These days, while his native region, the beautiful Moscow, a melting point
where events of hundred modes and qualities have taken place in history,
is glowing through the heat of its burning periphery forests, it became my
high time to make myself busy on Dostoevsky writings, which read like any
relevant literature of today. I had the pleasure of being entertained superbly
by his “Notes from Underground” these days. This sort of stuff, full of irony
and cabaret of the finest art, with all the lows and highs of sentimentalisms
and affect, with its artistically beautiful assault on the unconscious pomposity
of man, a cabaret on the human condition in its blindfolded search for authenticity
and meaning, seems to fit tremendously to these days of our Ethiopian
„democracy parody” and disorientation; after all the turmoil and farce of the
current Ethiopian political election has gone over.
Even if you may have had your Dostoevsky’s lessons long ago, I think
you would enjoy some of the nuances, you may have missed
to appreciate in times past.
In my opinion and experience, moreover Rene Girard’s interpretation
of Dostoevsky’s literature is also very relevant and valuable for our times.
Just to remind you, I made the following point several weeks ago:
Rene Girard’s mimesis theory is I think, very useful for understanding Aggression,
violence and conflict….etc…I can only underline most of the substance of this
theory…making a mental revue of the several notes I made during my
own observations and “intuitions out of the blues” under intensive circumstances
and, –let me call it- “phenomenological experience” too.
I am sure “the Ethiopian revolution and the Ethiopian student movement”
all through is full of such material…but most of it has perhaps not the “fate
or the fortune” of surviving the process…..in a form of literature like else
where… so that the next generation could have learnt from it.
Nonetheless….since the theory…and scholar observation makes IT in such a way
available…I hope the coming generation may benefit from it…if we indicate them its
where-abouts……That is also my intention here. Hoping it will fetch and find the right
mind to learn from the past….But as you are certainly observing the whole
phenomena….the Ethiopian elite…the Ethiopian polity is still submerged in the
“Schlamssel”/ in the mess.
However, I remain hoping that one day, looking at their mirrors, our
“heroes” would also dare to smile at their own pictures to make the leap
of taking their “enemies” (imagined) into account rather than themselves.
Understanding Dostoevsky & Rene Girard:-


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