Correlation of the Micro-Particle with the Socio-Natural Reality

“Make it simple but not less simple” (Einstein)

Correlation of the Micro-Particle with the Socio-Natural Reality (Part I)

At the micro-particle level, “four types of interactions underlie four types of forces:

gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak.” *

And the fifth fundamental interaction is between the masses of the

fundamental particles. It is in a way enchanting to notice that “reality” is always interpreted along 4 lines – right from the antics –be it philosophy, religion, science or arts…i.e. like…the four fundamental elements “fire, earth, water, air” of classical philosophy…. up to the modern Einstein interpretation of space x, y, z, t… the three coordinates of space and time…. And even today, after such a tremendous leap in experimental science during this century, modern quantum science has also not discovered categories, which are in principle different to these four lines of interpretation. (1*

It seems that this has to do with our very early initial conditions of existence …the source …the big-bang or creation…it is irrelevant which way you take it!

And our limitations of dimensioning, since we are ourselves amidst this substance…and for good…always in a process of emergence and creativity….whatever our imagination would be and wherever it would suggest to take us …the destiny. And thus …no wonder that the micro-particle level has also to manifest the very four lines of interpretation….with the four fundamental types of interactions; and I believe the macro perspective does not make an exception too. Instead it even shows a rather congruent correlation with the micro dimensions, perhaps giving us a clue to our social problems.


From the macro-perspective, in the parlance of

“The Harmony Model”(I= hq2 & E=mc2)

The correlations would look like the following:

1. Gravity goes with the “material plane” with

“mass”/m as the Strange Attractor of Meaning/SAM;

(Objective: wealth/ perfection; scale: development of science)

“Gravity is perhaps the most familiar force to us; its effects are tiny in particle

processes. On the largest scales, gravity is the most important force.”*

2. Electromagnetic force corresponds to the “spiritual plane”

with the “speed of light”/c as the SAM of the plane;

(Objective: faith/enlightenment; scale: space as far as non-dimensionality)

“Electromagnetic forces are also familiar; they are responsible for binding the

electrons to the nucleus to form electrically neutral atoms. Atoms combine to form

molecules or crystals because of electromagnetic effects due to their charged

substructure. Most everyday forces (such as the support of the floor or friction) are

due to the electromagnetic forces in matter that resist displacement of atoms or electrons from their equilibrium positions in the material. The carrier particle of the

electromagnetic force is the photon”.*

3. The Strong force belongs to the “cultural plane”

with “quality of music/aesthetics “/q as the SAM;

(Objective: human culture; scale: cultural development)

“The strong force holds quarks together to form hadrons; its carrier particles are

whimsically called gluons because they so successfully “glue” the quarks

together. The binding of protons and neutrons to form nuclei is the result of the residual strong interaction due to their strongly interacting quark and gluon constituents.”*

4. The Weak force correlates with the “social plane “

with “humanity”/h as the SAM;

(Objective: peace; scale: history)

“The weak forces are the only processes in which a quark (or some other

elementary particles) can CHANGE to another type of quark (or particle); they

are responsible for the fact that all the more massive quarks decay to produce

lighter quarks. In a nucleus where there is sufficient energy, the weak

forces make a neutron become a proton and give off an electron and an antielectron

neutrino. It is because of the weak forces that the stable matter around us contains

only electrons and the lightest two types of quarks.”*

5. And the fifth interactional force is the “human plane”

with “hope”/”joie de vivre” as the SAM;

(Objective: Destiny/D; scale: integrity/authenticity)

“The fifth interactional force might be responsible for an individual’s integrity,

identity and ability to stay connected with (“grounded in”) his or her inner self and

deep spiritual essence.”*

“The fifth fundamental interaction is responsible for the masses of the

fundamental particles (such as quarks, gluons, photons, electrons, etc.).”(2*


(2* Following are essays on strange‐attractors‐of‐meaning and

“Glimpses at mathematics and physics” by

Vladmir Dimitrov, University of Western Sydney, E‐mail, which

Illuminate the substance of this interpretation:‐8&q=starnge+attractors+of+meaning

Making Sense of Social Complexity through Strange Attractors

Macro-molar Co-ordinates of Social-Dynamics

The four interactional forces at the micro-particle, which correlate with the four planes of the socio-natural reality at the macro-level of social dynamics, may indicate complex intrinsic relations with one another (as if the micro-particle is the last instance of bifurcations in nature and its structures). Given this fact, with social harmony as the all encompassing attractor of meaning for a social-complex at large, the macro-coordinates of social-dynamics, can be interpreted along the three modes of syntheses , mostly employed by philosophers (Deleuze , Whitehead, & Kant, all under their own parlance but suggesting close similarities) and an additional one, which follows out of the logic of the “harmony model”:

Connective Synthesis

Disjunctive Synthesis

Conjunctive Synthesis


Reflective Synthesis (cf. Harmony model)

The following table shows the relations of the four syntheses with their harmony-co-ordinates determining their social-functions and attractors of Meanings. The complete overall interrelations and interactions between all the coordinates of the social complex can be made more transparent with the pictures that follow:


Harmony co-ordinates













Values/social & material

All syntheses take place at the same time and have the same duration, in their abstraction phase and their conceptions begin right from the virtual to be actualized according to the given social conditions, with all possible differentials and multiplicities, be it intensive or extensive. For an algebra employment of social dynamics, these modes of synthesis would have coefficients of…x ( where x is k; h,q,m,l; p; or r . ) is less than “one/1/” and more than “zero/0”

A flash of reflection on social work and transformation:

We can see at a glance without further analysis (follows in the appropriate space-time), that the material (universe, nature & mankind) and the spiritual planes (faith/philosophy, religion & conscience) are the most important instances (since there is no life devoid of gravity and light/ ie. Mass and photon/), which would bring about a substantial change of meaning to initiate a social transformation and effect new structures in the social (state, community & family) and cultural (laws, ethics & love) planes, with the cultural plane, (as the correlating strong force at the particle level suggests) playing a big role in consolidating the transformations, which are always in the process of formations.

Nonetheless there cannot be a sustainable social change without the harmonious play of all the four planes evoking the creative becoming process of the human plane. A process of reality (a lá Whitehead & Deleuze), which makes sure through the continuity of the human plane’s intensive emergence, that the singular, autonomous, harmonious and sovereign individual would develop through generations to come.

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