The Paradigm-and-the Dead Ends!

The following was a piece which came to my mind some two years back after coming across the “Book Draft” of the Ethiopian PM Melesse Zenawi, who was looking for the “Economic Remedy” of Africa and Ethiopia; promoting the ill-popularized ideas of his “economist guru”, Prof. Joseph E. Stiglitz on “develpomental state”.
You know, theses days the Prof. is paying back the tribute to his adoring “Student” (cf. Audience at the Columbia University). An occasion to look at the piece again:

Words of Emotion*

Make it as simple as possible, but not less simple” (Einstein)

“Oh,” said the mouse, “the world is becoming tighter with each passing day. First, it was so wide that I was afraid. I ran and ran on and was happy to finally find a wall in a distance. Left and right in the distance I saw the walls, but these long walls rush so quickly to each other that I already find myself in the last room, and there at an angle, is the trap in which I run.”-

” You only have to change the direction, „said the cat and ate the rat. (Kafka fable…My translation; 1/)


Lacks the State,
The “Stick and the Stock”?

The Paradigm,

The Shift and The Dead Ends

Oh! Tiny and Mighty!

Would you Change your mind?

Change your mind

Challenge your head.
Don’t ache your head,
Don’t break your heart,
If you still, feel the heat,
If you indeed hear the beat.

Tiny and mighty!

Aren’t you happy!?
And scream,
You need a therapy!

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