Break the "Mimesis Patterns"!

“Make it simple but not less simple” (Einstein).

Liberation is breaking the “mimesis patterns” (cf. Mimesis Theory, Rene Girard) by simply embracing the “scapegoat”and the “sacrifice” with an unconditional love and faith. At this stage the biggest set-back and blunder the Ethiopian Non-Violent Opposition would encounter is doubting the spiritual Will and the integrity of the “Sacrifice”; i.e. to fall into the political trap of the counterparts, as archaic/primitive (specially for the so-called “friends and mediators”) as it may sound in our modern world, which the latter, the “West” /”the friends” of “Birtukan”/ and the Ethiopian Autocracy have designed, to resolve their presumable “conflict” and to go ahead with “business as usual”.
The “mimesis patterns” as applied to the current affairs here in the Ethiopian Democratic Movement are: A -The Ethiopian Autocracy; B -the West/”the friends and mediators”; C -Birtukan /the “Sacrifice”/ encorporating the Democratic Movement.

A few relevant discussions on Rene Girard’s “Mimesis Theory”:


Demolarization is a disgusting politcal tool -an expression of inhumanity employed in a social evolution, indicating the inhumanity of the employer! A disaser! (7/10/2010).

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