Liberation is Breaking the "Mimesis Patterns" (Part II)

Liberation is Breaking theMimesis Patterns” (Part II)

Make it simple but not less simple” (Einstein).

There is no controversy about the fact that Birtukan Mideksa, is the wonderful icon of the Ethiopian opposition. However, given all the sufferings she and all political prisoners have endured on our behalf, the Violence done to Her by Melesse and Co., has nothing to do with Her in Person and is not meant as such. IT is ratherdesignedwith a farfetched historical significance for the Ethiopian Nation at large and it is in particular meant to break the moral courage of the whole Ethiopian new generation. In other words, the new generation has, I think to be fully aware of the fact that the author of thisplayis not only the Autocratic Regime of Melesse and Co. but there is a lot more to IT. This regime is just the vulgar representative of the wholeobscure box“, working against the Ethiopian Enlightenment. In this context, I believe that Rene Girard‘s Mimesis Theory is of paramount significance. Please take a breath and your time to look at the following relevant paper on “Human Rights Crisisand the source of “Human Violence“:-
A Cultural Critique in Conversation with Rene Girard and Raymund Schwager
Peter Robert Stork, M.eng (Germany), M.A. (theol).
For the information of the reader, TRUE– I was quite for a while convinced by Rene Girard‘s Mimesis Theory on theorigin and metamorphosis of human violence” – A theory, which at best can explain ourtragedy” (cf. s. post; Break theMimesis Patterns). Nevertheless, outraged by the violence done toBirtukanpersonifying the new Ethiopian generation struggling for democracy and progress, it was not prior to yesterday, while I was looking for a relevant discussion on Mimesis Theory, that I came across the above work of research.

The Paperargues that the human rights crisis is neither an accident nor a shortfall in techniques of implementation, but reflects the subconscious and collective structure of civilization (in my perceptioncivilizationis meant here -“the west“, “our friendsand theadoptive parentsof Melesse‘s Regime; my comment). Following a description of the crisis, this investigation examines the nature of human violence, especially the contagious manner in which it works at the root of the crisis, offering understanding where conventional anthropological reflections fall short. The study argues with Girard, that vengeance and retribution resonate deeply with the human psyche and easily evoke an archaic image of the divine. While this arouses moral protest in the post-modern mind, we meet here one of the fundamental issues mimetic theory elucidates, namely that it is on account of such an unconscious image of thesacredthat vengeful violence has remained for so long a determining element in human history.” (cf. Human Rights In Crisis: Is there no answer to Human Violence?; Abstract p. iii;
As mentioned above, the paper is new for my library and I don‘t share any kind of its ideological religious promotions and any connotations of its radical religious touch, it may include. I am therfore aware of the necessity of a critical reading it may require. But, nevertheless it is the radicalanthropological critique of the western culture,
in the context of the “human rights crisispertaining to the global as well as the Ethiopian post-modernist political activities; based on the Mimesis Theory of Rene Girard, which in my perception, makes the latter, relevant to the enlightenment process of the Ethiopian community.

Following and aware of this discourse ( Rene Girard) I therefore think, any political discussion along the content orauthenticityof the so-called “Pardon” is absurd and anachronistic.

Instead, I believe that:

Liberation is breaking themimesis patterns” (cf. Mimesis Theory, Rene Girard) by simply embracing thescapegoatand thesacrificewith an unconditional love and faith.

At this stage the biggest setback and blunder the Ethiopian NonViolent Opposition would encounter is doubting the spiritual Will and the integrity of theSacrifice“; i.e. to fall into the political trap of the counterparts, as archaic/primitive (specially for the so-calledfriends and mediators“) as it may sound in our modern world, which the latter, theWest” /”the friendsofBirtukan“/ and the Ethiopian Autocracy have designed, to resolve their presumableconflictand to go ahead withbusiness as usual“.
Themimesis patternsas applied to the current affairs here in the Ethiopian Democratic Movement are: A –The Ethiopian Autocracy; B –the West/”the friends and mediators“; C –Birtukan /theSacrifice“/ incorporating the Democratic Movement.


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