Aesthetic Development

“LIFE is a manifold complex process of nature evoking the godly nature of All-Being -creativity- , to revitalize the H-uman, U-niversal and M-ankind’s A-esthetic N-ature (H U MA N), with the ultimate purpose of creating the Harmonious Human Being through generations /1).”

(cf. The Purpose of Life; Harmony Model)

Aesthetic Development (a´ la J.M. Baldwin?)

I came today across Michael James Parsons review of James Mark Baldwin thoughts on the Aesthetic Development of the Individual.
Aesthetic Development of the Individual (use: only for research purpose)

An opportunity to notice once again that the notion, which is giving me no peace for a few years, insisting once in a while to stick to a public‐paper, is actually not “new” for the “world of science and philosophy”.

This notion, which is again reproduced here, as an “open letter to concerned scholars”, whom, this may interest, originated from a multifaceted process of tense life conditions, resulting in a sublime experience (in the world of philosophers, one would like to call it „ontological” or “phenomenological” experience … or perhaps in post modernity it is customarily called “flow” or for that matter you may call it -“aesthetic experience” á la James Mark Baldwin!). I believe, this notion of mine has in between developed to a sort of maturity. I would like to believe this, because, ever since the Idea has occurred to me, I have in the mean time developed a tremendous passion for knowledge (cf. Aristotle, i.e. „knowledge ‐the food of the spirit”) and learnt a lot in my leisure time; a lot from various fields of arts and specially philosophy. But unfortunately not as systematic and professional as I would have liked to do, due to my circumstances of life (I am no more the youngest i.e. let us say way beyond my prime age!) and profession, which is different from the latter ( Engineering/IT by profession). Nonetheless, there is nothing which would deprive me of the bliss of philosophy and I have done and am doing my best.

Africa is not only the continent of my “source”, Ethiopia, but also a region I emotionally feel highly attached to, due to diverse critical life experience reasons (I belonged to the so‐called „68er generation“ of Ethiopia/Africa; in German, the rather flattering designation of the global revolting youth of the late 1960s and 1970s). On the occasion of the 2010‐football world cup championship, which took place in Africa(South Africa), it therefore occurred to me to reformulate my “Idea”(1) somehow anew and put IT on papers by giving it some additional visualizing touch es. I posted the papers during those days under the following link:

The Synthesis & Harmony

The genesis of the “IDEA” (1) is more or less in this and related BLOGs documented, if that should be a matter of interest.

This piece or let me say this draft, which may find its way to a professional or academic desk, of this or that Scholar, in order to be critically appraised or “destroyed”, does by no means claim to be either a work of science or a research. However, true to the “bangs of its birth”, it is rather a „search for truth“, with all the due courage for a down-to-earth truth out of a healthy common sense claiming an all round logical consistency.

Anyhow, I would be grateful, if you spare some of your worthy time to throw a glance on this substance. Since a merciless critic has in my world by far more value than a flattering encouragement, I would say, you don’t have to spare your opinion or bear with me, for in my view, the core tenor of social “Harmony” (my model) is the critique too (Kant).

(1) It is said that our contemporary physicist, Mr. Higgs formulated his physics-particle discovery, (LHC experiment) on a small piece of paper; and the great spiritual leader Sri Aurobindo has written thousands of pages on mystics.
To make a picture of the “IDEA” the core-point of “The Harmony Model” is formulated on a page.

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