HUMAN Thermodynamics

Interesting To Know

The following is a peculiar Web Link, where you would get hundreds of Stuffs you may like to know. Notions from strange and extraordinary Scientists (i.e. not necessarily main stream) on diverse Themes pertaining to Life.


From the introduction ….

Cliff notes
The following table gives a cliff notes version of the core structure of the EoHT. Specifically, all three individuals, Johann Goethe (1799), William Sidis (1920), and Christopher Hirata (2000), each independently assigned with a very rare ceiling range intelligence (IQ=225+), have each independently arrived at the same essential theory, namely describing humans as animate chemicals or human molecules (A and B or X and Y being single humans; AB or XY being chemically bonded humans) and human existence in terms of chemical thermodynamic formulation, using the variables chemical affinity A, entropy S, or equilibrium constants K, as shown below, respectively:

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