የአዞ እምባ
ዊቂ-ሊቅ ያሉት ነገር
ገብትዋል አሉ ሥልጣን መንደር፤
መረጃ በመረጃ ሊያረጋቸው
ሀዘን መርዶ ሊያረዳቸው፤
ሰው፤ልቅሶ አይደርሳቸው

አዞ ናቸው።

በማን ተልኮ ይሁን አልታወቀ
ማተራመሱ ብቻ፤ ተደንቀ።



If only “THEY ALL” knew that Wikileaks is in a way liberating them from their “prejudices”- -The “attitudes” which are “the chains, that bind” (1) them all together in a nutshell. A nutshell of diverse “prejudices”, that have been ransacking the globe with conspiracy and misery, since mankind stepped into nature (2)!

God bless the Age of Information! The new era , the new face of Enlightenment! Post-modernity seems to get its “Hero” !? Nonetheless it has to be remarked that the affair has an intriguing after-taste, that this should happen during the “Obama Administration”/After the conservatives, the champions of conspiracy, lost power/; i.e. with all their limitations, while social reforms are being introduced in the US.

There is an Ethiopian saying:
‘ The Ass said, ” After my death, let all grass be cursed not to flourish”.

“እኔ ከሞትኩ ሰርዶ አይብቀል”፤ አለች አሉ አህያ ይባል የለ!


2) Rene Girard, Mimetic Theory; Violence and the Sacred

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