The Updates on Ethiopia may come in the following days. I think they will be published in alphabetical orderone topdown and the other viceversa; interpreting the actual one: Brazil & UK.

The website said has 1,395 cables that originated from U.S. Embassy in Ethiopia and a total of 1623 records on Ethiopia. Of the 1,395 cables that originated from the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, 162 are markedSecretand 612 are markedConfidentialand the rest asUnclassified”. The cables, which date from 1966 up until the end of February this year, contain confidential communications between 274 embassies in countries throughout the world and the State Department in Washington DC.
The period from 1966 up to 1991 would be more interesting for the future of Ethiopia (with a political reconciliation process), to find out how one whole naive generation, in its struggle for social justice, is played off to partially serve the dismantlement of its own state, instead of achieving an enlightened democratic and modernized state.

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