Wikileaks …Updates (2)

“For the past three days, the WikiLeaks website ( has been under a massive “distributed denial of service” attack, “exceeding 10 gigabits a second,” according to the world’s most widely used whistleblower website. Amazon shut down WikiLeaks servers, it reported today on Twitter. But that’s the least of its problems. Yesterday, a senior advisor to the Canadian Prime Minister issued a televised fatwa on Julian Assange. Today, Interpol posted its call for arrest of the website’s founder and Ecuador withdrew its offer of asylum.”

The real scandal is the fact that, all the merits of Enlightenment – “Human rights, democracy, rule of law etc.” are mercilessly thrown overboard, when it comes to the point of transparency.
For the centres of power -political power- the crux of the rule seems to be “Law and Order” under the principle of “እኔ ከሞትኩ ሰርዶ አይብቀል።”
As the Ethiopian saying goes: ‘ The Ass said, ” After my death, let all grass be cursed not to flourish”.

Under “the rule of transparency” the whole affair of “wikileaks” is a testimony of how upsetting and primitive the history of mankind and specially “the modern man” is; to speak with the words of Foucault:

‘the general principle of a new “political anatomy” whose object and end are not the relations of sovereignty but the relations of discipline’ (Foucault, 1986a: 208). (1)

1) As quoted in the essay : An analytics of power relations: Foucault on the history of discipline; ROGER DEACON (2)

Abstract: “…….Via techniques of confession and ascetic conduct, faith and empiricism, and selfreflection and everyday reality, western political rationalities, in the form of combined totalization and individualization technologies whereby some (struggle to) discipline others even as all (are exhorted to) discipline themselves, have come to dominate the globe. (my emphasis)

© 2002 SAGE Publications (London, Thousand Oaks, CA and New Delhi) pp. 89–117
[0952-6951(200202)15:1;89–117; 021074]

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