Wikileaks ….Updates (3)

Beaking Info:

wikileaks has “migrated” to Switzerland until …

The following are alternative Links :


Interesting and upsetting to read:

Censors block WikiLeaks website; Interpol issues arrest order; Canada demands Assange be killed..

At the latest since wikileaks announced that it will publish highly charged “Bank Documents”, Julian Assande, the Initator of Wikileaks is fugitive under an “alive or dead” warrant and siege.

Just to recall, commenting on Ethiopia and the “new foreign capital” grabbing the country (phenomena “land grabbing”) I pointed in a flash of emotion, that….

“… an Autocracy is … in such an environment, the most vulnerable form of Administration. If this happens to be radically “national” and a “nuisance” by hampering the “development” of the exogenous “new Capital”, the latter can get rid of the “top man” by the “stroke” of the million dollars it pays to a professional “killer” or its “intelligence headquarters” at the service of the big capital dominating the region.”

Imagine the fugitive Wikileaks initiator, Julian Assande to be “a leader of a State”. He were a “dead man ” long ago!
What a disaster for all the “masters” of Democracy.

Wikileaks seems to put all – the global “Masters” of Democracy on the
test-bench ? “Mafiocracy” or Democracy?


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