Wikileaks…Updates (6) -EthioCables

WikiLeaks cables portray Saudi Arabia as a cash machine for terrorists

They invest (alias Al’a Moudin) and “grab the land” in Ethiopia and by the same stroke they finance “the fundamentalists in Somali-land”. In other words, it doesn’t need a big political insight to conceive that the Saudi-Arabian Sources finance “the fundamentalists” in Somali-land as well – Somalia/Horn of Africa, as one of the head-regions of Islam-fundamentalists – playing a crcial role in destabilizing the region.

No more words necessary. Here is the new classical “neocolonialism” at work.

What else and how much more “intelligence” does the Ethiopian political class need for its ultimate national awareness and a political reconciliation (irrespective of its affiliations; political convictions and religious beliefs).

Even just for this disclosure on Horn-of-Africa/Ethiopia/ as one of the global volatile regions /with contemporary religious conflicts), I believe, Wikileaks deserves a good portion of gratitude from “The Ethiopian”!

Gratitude for what?…

For the BIG “secret” and “intelligence” disclosed.

Which “secret” and “intelligence” ?

Actually, Nothing more than the simple fact …የአደባባይ ምስጢር …(as Umberto Eco on the leaks correctly noted – a real secret is an empty secret)….that, TODAY, in post modernity, behind all the tirades of human, democratic and religious values reiterated by the political classes of different Nations /The Big Western World included/, there are big economic interests of their big “Capitals” lurking behind their front-humanist-masked-faces.
Unfortunately and by the irony of a perverted historical development all in contradistinction to the big objectives of Mankind’s Enlightenment promoted in the past centuries by several great humanists of their own Nations.


There is no other way in which Humanism and Democracy can develop other than organic and indigenous to its own space and mind. Ethiopia and the Democratic Ethiopian state!


Thus the metaphor in the logo of this blog:
The fishes get their prey, if only YOU “move, click and tick” (say… reflect) in the aquarium. If you “play & prey (even pray)” outside the aquarium…it is meaningless …for the fishes!

At this stage; putting aside all other misgivings, including the responsibility for the ongoing new “neocolonialism”1) (cf. phenomenon “Land-grabbing”), it is necessary to show intellectual honesty by noting that PM Melesse has not missed the point in this context, albeit theoretical and his ulterior purpose of building the system of one-party-state.

When people are committed to democracy and forced to make sacrifices for it, Meles said, “they won’t let any leader take it away from them.” But “when they are spoon-fed democracy, they will give it up when their source of funding and encouragement is removed.”
“….Democracy in Ethiopia must develop organically, and Ethiopians must organize and fund themselves and defend their own rights…..(my emphasis).”(cf. Melesse in the US-cables)
This statement; be it authentic, genuine or not, IT should be taken at face value to be a challenge for any political opposition of honest democratic nature!
1) Responsibility for all, including all the barbarous horror of atrocities taking place in the dungeons of his regime, depicting the serious edge of communal and individual psycho-collapse in which the Ethiopian society is submerged and showing how far
& beyond imagination the perpetrators of the horror are literally mentally sick and perverted. (added after reading the report Horrendous atrocities in Ethiopian prisons” 26.12.2010)

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