…US with new eyes

“After 12 days of WikiLeaks cables, the world looks on US with new eyes”


Beaking Info: http://wlcentral.org/

…The Age of Transparency ?

It seems as though we are on the thresholds of another Era of Enlightenment –The Age of Transparency, if hundreds of the “wikileaks phenomenon” we are witnessing today come again and again to make us wiser and wiser by disclosing political conspiracies, until IT is established, that IT is our inborn natural right TO Know ALL what is at stake! The Right To Know is as basic as The Right To Exist!

The Big thing what wikileaks has achieved is showing How ridiculous “Liberal Democracy” can make Itself out Itself, in the way it is harassing the wikileaks-founder, Julian Assange – losing all credibility in the eyes of other political systems!

What a nonsense! The huge material of wikileaks remains in the air and the minds. You can block bank accounts but YOU CAN’T BURN E-BOOKS once they are in the air in all directions of heaven!

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