Science and "Secrets"


What have some scientists to say about the issue of “secrecy” in the “Age of Information”:

“The Third Culture” has put the Inquiry to some of its “Minds” in an
Edge Special Event! :

Given all the contributions “Wikileaks” made to the transparency (by proxy to Enlightenment/1) of the global political class in the interest of the wider mankind, it is beyond doubt legitimate (among others) to pose the (following) question, since the Wikileaks protagonists are vulnerable to all the failings of man like everyone of us!
The Cablegate raises, again, two issues that challenge the “Wiki” world and the Web in general: Internet popularity versus authority, and Internet popularity versus quality.

Wikipedia is impressive and popular, but can we trust it? Is it an authoritative source on the information it provides? WikiLeaks is powerful and is potentially an amazing “contre pouvoir”, but have they been granted the authority — by any international organization — to handle material that involves the public good on a global scale? “(3)

1) transparency.html


Wikileaks in Amharic philo-play (see blog sidebar):

የአዞ እምባ
ዊቂ-ሊቅ ያሉት ነገር
ገብትዋል አሉ ሥልጣን መንደር፤
መረጃ በመረጃ ሊያረጋቸው
ሀዘን መርዶ ሊያረዳቸው፤
ሰው፤ልቅሶ አይደርሳቸው

አዞ ናቸው።
በማን ተልኮ ይሁን አልታወቀ
ማተራመሱ ብቻ፤ ተደንቀ።



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