What a "Success Story"!?


አሽከርክረው አሽከርክረው እቺን ቆንጆ ሃገር እጃቸው ውስጥ አስገብዋት!

Strategically, it seems we are busy working towards the “Dead End”/”the decline”, while others are working on the “reverse -engineering” to survive! We are missing the opportunity of avoiding all the “mess” human-kind has to bear to come to the “knowledge” of “Generation -We” ; see


And it is interesting enough to notice that the strategic objective of Saudi Arabian (see wikileaks to have a notion of the role S.A. plays on both “fronts”) to attain a political hegemony in the region, with all the consequences, has been worked out decades before to come to these benefits. I say this without any sense of unhealthy national sentiments but simply anticipating the future misery of the masses, be it in social justice or political and human liberation. Even their hosts will be aware of this fact sooner or later, may be to find out that it is too late for reversing the process ( at least in thier active role).
More: What is more striking about this is :
1. The fact that it is reported as a success story; sort of like የሚከተሉት ሃገሮች በቅርጫ ወሰደዋታል
2. It is a “political irony” that the countries mentioned are the very regions, which have built their nations (via “nationalist” policies) on their own, more or less relying on self-reliance, predominantly out of their own toils (or through a regional accidence of being endowed with natural resources/ S.Arabian)

If you are annoyed by this and are beyond your prime age, the following verses may help to soothe the spirits :

መቃብር ላይ የሚፃፍ (ከርፖርተር የተገኘ)

ጥብቅ ማሳሰቢያ ሸክላን ለምትሠሩ፤
እዚህ መቃብር ላይ አፈር አትዝገኑ፡፡
ሲነድ ሲቃጠል ሲጨስ በመኖሩ፣

ሲቃጠል ለሚኖር፣
ለጀበና መሥሪያ አይሆንም አፈሩ፡፡

(አንድ ከሚመለከተው የተጨመረ!)
ከመቃብር በፊት
ሰው ለመስራት ብቻ ከፍቀደ አየሩ
ክህነት ካላችሁ አሰቡ መርምሩ
ተራ ከገባችሁ ዘክሩ አስዘክሩ
ያልሆነው እንዲሆን ምከሩ ሞክሩ
ሽቀጣና ሽቀት እንዳይሆን ሃገሩ
አንድ ቀን እንደሆን አይቀር መቃ--በሩ።

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