Still in the Box-!?

Visualizing the Ethiopian Political Class! What a disaster!

Visualizing the Ethiopian Political Class – in the last 4 decades …until today – 2010; all sections have not managed to leave their own “suite”-boxes. What a bitter disasterous Consequence, with hardly any section daring to come out of its box (religious, ideological, nationalist, ethnic, familiar, personal etc. or even patrimonial & primordial) …to work for ” A Common Good” !

ብልጭ ድርግም ብቻ!
The Consequence: A new brand of Neo-Colonialism (a´ la Saudi Arabian, China, India, Turkey etc.) with an autocratic administration financed by the “West” (USA & Western Europe).

Would post-2010 usher a new era? Hope is a principle! But the firm will is still missing!

so that you may glitter together in

To “Make it simple but not less simple” (cf. Einstein); IT is so simple if there is the firm will :

1. Come out of the box
2. Stand-up and glitter in the way you like
3. Make Sense together like:

AND NOT None-sense like:

In post-modernity, with all the differences within each other, that is all what regions in the globe, where peace prevails are doing !


Long live Ethiopia…&…Happy New Year!

1) Thanks to all the free providers of Glitter generators used here, like Glitter Graphics

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