Morning’s at Seven by Paul Osborn 1)/ decoded/

“Make it simple but not less simple” (Einstein)

Morning’s at Seven

by Paul Osborn

With the social Message DECODED

Since it is valuable for our reflections and allegorically relevant to our social context and our perceptions, and to make the social message more transparent; I have tried here again to decode the famous play of Paul Osborn (based on a short synopsis of the story/1), along the patterns of the “Harmony Model” . I think it is more than relevant for our Ethiopian context and the political stalemate confronting us at these crucial times of confused perceptions.Valuable to maintain the piece of optimism, which may be blocked somewhere in the mind or in the vibrating substance of our hearts.

Synopsis: Morning’s At Seven 1/( decoded)

-in the patterns of the “Harmony Model”.

1. Cora: (Mrs. Laws) + Thor: (Ethics-Tradition);

2. Ida: (Mrs. Community) + Carl: (Mr. State);

3. Arry: (Miss Nature-Mankind); (lives with Cora and Thor);

4. Esther (Faith-Vision) + David, (Religion-Dogma);

5. Homer (“Mr. Generation-new”) + Myrtle („Miss Life“).

“Mrs. Laws” and her sister “Mrs. Community”, along with husbands “Mr. Ethics-Tradition” and “Mr. State”, have lived next door to each other for their entire married lives. In addition, an old-maid sister, called ”Miss Nature-Mankind”, lives with “Laws” and “Ethics”. A fourth sister, “Mrs. Faith-Vision” and her husband “Mr. Religion-Dogma”, live outside the immediate neighborhood.

As the play opens, all four families are anxiously awaiting the arrival of „Mr. Generation-new“ and his fiancée, „Miss Life“ Brown. „Mr. Generation-new“ has been engaged to „Miss Life“ for seven years and dated her for five years before that and, oddly enough, this will be the first time anyone in his family will have met her.

As „Mr. Generation-new“ and „Miss Life“ finally make their appearance, „Mr. Generation-new” ’s father, „Mr. State“, is so frightened of not being able to make a good impression (he considers himself a total failure) that he has one of his “spells” and is conveniently kept out of sight for the time being.

„Mr. Generation-new“, it seems, is a very reluctant suitor. He has grown more than a little comfortable with his present lifestyle and has no real desire to marry, in spite of the fact that his father has built and furnished a house, a house that has been sitting empty for several years, that will be his when and if he does marry. „Miss Life“, is beginning to wonder if she has waited long enough.

To complicate matters, „Mrs. Laws“and „Mr. State“ have reached a secret agreement. If „Mr. Generation-new“ makes no wedding announcement during this visit, „Mr. State“ will lease the vacant house to „Mrs. Laws“, enabling her to finally live alone with her husband, „Mr. Ethics-Tradition“, who has no knowledge of the agreement. She plans to leave their present house to her sister, „Mr. Nature-Mankind“„.

„Mrs. Laws“ and „Mrs. Community“ scurry about trying to calm everyone down, and just when it appears that everyone can finally be gotten to the dinner table, the face of „Mr. Religion-Dogma“ appears at the kitchen window. He has previously given his wife, „Mrs. Faith-Vision“, orders never to visit her family whom he considers to be a pack of morons. He calmly announces that, henceforward, „Mrs. Faith-vision“ will occupy the upper half of their house; he, the lower half. In that case, „Mrs. Faith-vision“ decides, she’ll just stay with her sister, „Mrs. Community“.

„Mr. State“decides to move in with „Mr. Religion-Dogma“, who has agreed to help him find out “where he is” in life. But first, „Mrs. Laws“ gets the disoriented „Mr. State“ to sign the lease on the empty house, much to the dismay of „Generation-new“, „Mrs. Ethics-Tradition“, and „Miss Nature-Mankind“„.

„Mr. Generation-new“ makes up with „Miss Life“, then enlists the aid of Uncle „Mr. Ethics-Tradition“, who has taken a definite liking to „Miss Life“, in getting “his” house back. The still confused „Mr. State“ moves back home, reassured by „Mr. Religion-dogma“ who, from all indications, misses „Mrs. Faith-vision“ and wants her to come home. „Mrs. Laws“ relents and gives „Mr. Generation-new“’s house back to him, since he and „Miss Life“ are soon to be married.

„Mrs. Community“ and „Mrs. Faith-vision“ threaten to reveal their suspicions that „Miss Nature-Mankind“„ and „Mr. Ethics-Tradition“ have been involved in a long-standing affair. „Miss Nature-Mankind“ ’s “secret,” the fact that she did once have a brief affair with „Mr. Ethics-Tradition“ many years before, is revealed, as she (Miss Nature-mankind) decides to move in with „Mr. State“ and „Mrs. Community“, finally giving „Mrs. Laws“ her wish of living alone with her husband (Mr. Ethics-Tradition).

Synopsis: Morning’s At Seven 1)

Please see the original Synopsis at the following link:


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