Merry Christmas in Memory!

In a previous post of this blog, “Holidays in Horror”, (with Tilahun’s “Wai Wai Silu” still ringing in my mind) just as a matter of fact, I spontanously mentioned the “fourth mind-set” in the following context, to resist all the temptations, which try to erase from our memory the misery of the social-order prior to the Ethiopian 1974 revolution.

“Is there any difference between the “three” forms of mind-sets: The crimes of Dergue, the horror in the dungeons of Melesse’s Regime, and the execution-calls of the “professor”? (As the fourth mind-set, not to depict the cause of the tragedy – the social injustice/famine, destitution & poverty/ of the previous social order, which brought us in this mess, as a “crime of a different caliber”.) “

By a stroke of accidence to reinforce the fact of the latter, I came across an impressive historical expression of Love for the Ethiopian People by the late B/G Mengistu Neway, who could witness the fourth fact with all the moral and authentic legitimation he had…
And this is, to put it in a nutshell, with all awareness of all the political “mess” our community has encountered thereafter.

Celebrating our Ethiopian Christmas in memory of all the authentic Heroes and not the preachers and professors of “Hate”, please share the following document of Love for the Ethiopian People with me!

all who suffered and lost their lives for the well-being of Ethiopia!

Long live Ethiopia…&…Happy New Year!

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