What An Authentic People’s Upheaval! TUNISIA

Tunisia; Breaking-News
After the former autocratic President of Tunisia left for Saudi Arabian (apparently the mentor of African Dictators, in its quest of neucolonising the “New” Africa; yesterday, from Idi Amin to Ben Ali today; up to perhaps Melesse Zenawi to-morrow), his prime minister said: “I take over the responsibilities temporarily of the leadership of the country at this difficult time to help restore security,” Ghannouchi said in a solemn statement. “I promise … to respect the constitution, to work on reforming economic and social issues with care and to consult with all sides.”
http://associated-press (1

What a wisdom after so many years of repression! What was IT, that prevented them to come to this WISDOM:

Hard are the rocks,
Concrete, the cement, the matter,
The grey in their heads,
Need the shift…

yes, “CHANGE YOUR MIND” before it is too late!

As the generation of the late 1974 ETHIOPIA, one can’t help being nostalgic about IT, with the hope that THIS will end with the ultimate empowerment of the Tunisian People, (God save from Iran’s outcome like decades ago) making a landmark with a precedence of historic significance for the whole of Africa, not to mention our ETHIOPIA.

YES still ETHIOPIA, awaiting for the ultimate empowerment of the people with a genuine democratic social order, even after more than 35 years, since the beginning of the social transformation and CHANGE.
1) Breaking-News, Tunisia


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