Understanding the New Youth (II)

Interesting research papers are included in the following document; including the contemporary socio-cultural environment of AA University.

I. Ethnic Identity and the Relations of Amhara, Ormo and Tigray Students at Addis Ababa
University Main Campus, By Abera Hailemariam

AA University (former HSI) once the bastion of political activity with a calibre of Nationwide (All-Ethiopia) concern and international relevance; today exhibiting a dimension of ethnicity pockets, indicating the dangerous complexity of a potential volatile conflict – A dangerous social tinderbox, with far-reaching consequence for the whole Ethiopian community at large, unless the “new” youth comes up with a new spirit of nationwide consciousness towards a common Ethiopian goal of enlightenment as one large community, of course without the indusputable diversity of cultures! However, as


If Ethiopia goes “Tunisia” to-morrow, with the youth as a pillar of Change??
Understanding the New Youth is crucial! The sooner the better!

*1) An Anthology of Peace and Security Research (November 2010)


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