Consent vs Conquest!

“How to move from an order based on conquest to one based on consent is the challenge for Rwanda today !”*1) (S. 17)

We Ethiopians too, whatever our political, cultural or regional affiliation, without an exception what soever, have to make TODAY a grave pondering on THIS; and come to the “CONSENT”! The Sooner The Better; since for sure “Tunisia” comes, at the latest to-morrow! All who knew and have survived the two former Ethiopian regimes can tell the story.

And once the wind blows, it troubles to contain it, since “the neurons wired together fire together“!*2)

Inspite of all awareness, unfortunate, God Save, but it has always happened again and again in human history!

*1) Mahmood Mamdani
From Conquest to Consent as the Basis of State Formation:
Reflections on Rwanda

*2) cf. Hebb’s axiom; 1949, Donald Hebb, a Canadian neuropsychologist.

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