"HAUTNAH" – Touching a Revolution

The “diary” which feels like touching a revolution, and yet with an intellectual colour; – It helps understanding change down to earth, on the ground, from the ground, out of the source!


And this is important, irrespective of the final collective and structural outcome.
Yes, it is true:
“Once it (the revolution/Change, BA) has been realised, it cannot be wiped out of people’s minds again. It will be an experience that, with different colourings and from different perspectives, will mark an entire generation.”
since, “It is not just a protest against an oppressive regime and a demand for freedom. In itself, it is freedom. It is a real, actual, lived moment of the freedom and dignity that the pro-democracy movement demands.” (cf. the above link, notes 28).


And this -FREEDOM- is not just a case for an Egyptian. I believe, We, specially as ETHIOPIANS, have to feel it all; we all have to share the feeling. As a rehersal, hoping to sing one DAY the same old song, the ineffable beautiful music of freedom - common to all humanity! If only we had enough of the sense of empathy*1)! I.e. Genuine & Mutual Trust, a big handicap of our Ethiopian social collective today, hampering the breakthrough for a common purpose - YES not more not less than the big sense of Freedom at ALL levels!


"If you read this and live in a democratic country call your MP, call your government, call your president, and tell them that the slightest degree of support to Mubarak’s regime is the same as supporting crimes against humanity. Only a democratic government elected by the people of Egypt can be an acceptable partner to the world community." (cf. the above link, notes 26).


"Move, Click and Tick" in the aquarium!

*** collective
** interactive
* sovereign

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*1) May be, if only we were aware enough of the so-called “mirror-neurons” for the sense of empathy. This is not only a moral issue, but a real nature!

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