"The Algebra of Empathy"

If only we had enough of the sense of empathy!

I.e. Genuine & Mutual Trust, a big handicap of our Ethiopian social collective today, hampering the breakthrough for a common purpose – YES not more not less than the big sense of Freedom at ALL levels!

However, it seems that we, Ethiopians, with the Vision for a substantial CHANGE to realize a genuine democratic society in our community are still involved in the “zero-sum” skirmish with and within each other, at all levels ( from individual to individual at the micro level; up to ethnic and national groups within and against each other, which may end disastrous unless we come down to conceive the common real and natural ground of the sense of empathy, basic for the working ground of any form of social interaction ( family, community, state and nation).

As alluded in several posts of this blog, I think the research paper below will indicate, a lot of “the emerging science and discovery” on social cognition and related theory of consciousness and mind in the last decades, to help us – specially the elite- to come to the silence of the mind and work on the substantial transformation of our nation – Ethiopia – towards genuine Democracy and Freedom!

Among the other authors of the paper, Ben Goertzel *1) seems to be an extraordinary mind, who has tremendous records of original thoughts on “Mind and Consciousness”. Just came across him today, while looking for scientific works on “Mirror Neurons”.

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