EGYPT: Breaking Beautiful News! Which turned to disaster…..It will be his DEMISE

Evening, 10.02.11:

IT is a SCANDAL…What a CYNICISM! What a Hypocrit! Let him go to Hell! ! Where was He all the 30 years not to come to this “wisdom” of “mourning” and being concerned for the “youth”!


He sticks to his old chair to divide the Nation of Egypt! But this will make the Egyptian nation more united and he will LEAVE…LEAVE…LEAVE


This is the product of the holy alliance of Israel and Saudi Arabian, who stick to Mubarek for their own sake, stake and stocks. The west is dancing around the bush, as usual!
At such moments,

Stop TIME,

Challenge Your Head

Go and Go ahead,
To the SOURCE….the best breed.
Change your mind
Challenge your head.
Don’t hesitate,
Break your head,
Break your heart
You would have IT,

universal, AFRICAN BEAT.

Afternoon, 10.02.11:


What a Revolution! Egypt celebrates! Actually A Celebration for All Africa!

Whatever the process in the coming months!

Hosni MUBAREK – The END of 30 Years Tyranny!


Which one of the contending big IDEAS will win the minds and the hearts of THE YOUTH?

Another Blend of Dictatorship, Ideological dogma and Religion


The vision of ENLIGTENMENT and Genuine Democracy!


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