The Revolution of Egypt, as spontaneous as it may seem at face value, especially for those who were only observers from overseas or the west allies of the Mubarak Regime, has  been on the contrary a product of undeterred creative hard work and perseverance. Conscious and creative perseverant hard work of those well versed and patient genuine young democrats, who have been fighting openly and struggling undercover in the DoCCW for years, by building a common purpose of Collective WILL and Trust, to oust the regime once and for all, to introduce a genuine Democracy free of all prejudices and ideology! *1)
1. DoP                                -Days of Protests (lasting several years successively)
2. DoR                                -Days of Rage (lasting several Weeks)
3. DoM                                -Days of Millions (lasting several Days)
4. DoD                                -DAY of Dignity –The Victory – Mubarak ousted!
The next phases are not less challenging, but optimism can always remain a principle.
5. DoC                               -Days of construction and Constituting
6. DoD                               -Days of Democracy –

Thus, for all those who are burning with the aspiration of such a Liberation Movement of their People for Dignity, the first BIG QUESTION running through all forces of their respective societies is :

WHAT IS THE COMMON COLLECTIVE WILL sustainable for all times to come? -The DoCCW!
For ETHIOPIA, what is IT? 

If there is the great,

GOOD WILL of being GOOD!

Make up your MIND (*2
For The DoCCW. 

All what every single SELF 
Wants for its Dignity 

What is the sole obstacle to the Rule of Democracy?

A-ONE -Man Rule of Melesse Zenawi – An autocratic mercenary regime *3).


*1)Their political demands have coalesced around a four-point agenda that has now become the beacon call of the current demonstrations: (1) an end to Mubarak’s rule; (2) rejection of the “succession” of Mubarak’s son, Gamal Mubarak, as president; (3) expansion of political freedoms and the creation of democratic institutions that would yield to free elections; (4) an immediate stop to, and persecution of perpetrators of, state violence. These were demands behind which the vast majority of Egyptians could unite—regardless of their religious and political affiliations.” ( Please see analysis;  The-architects-of-the-Egyptian-uprising-and-the-challenges-ahead;

*2) Make up your mind; take side in your mind; even if you are not on the field; even if you are not ready for the field. No one can read your mind except the good ones perhaps (you remember “abatochachin hodih yinegrihal silu”- may be they mean the modern “MNS”)

*3) A regime specially distinguished by its prolific achievement a) in the mockery of democracy -the 99.xx% Brigade b) in the top salesmanship skill of Africa in mortgaging the arable land of Ethiopia to the new emerging neocolonialists out of Asia (India, China…) and the Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabian, Dubai)… (+ for Africa, Environment Deals with the west ).

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