The wind of Freedom, once it is blowing with the collective spirit of the people , no ruthlessness of any despot can ever contain it!
Muammer Gaddafi – is a synonym for the faschist in Africa!
What a “debut of shame & disgrace” !
His declaration of Genocide against his own people!
A Day of Disgrace for Libya:  22   0220   11  (22.02.2011)…
Even for all those who made their last”peace” with this despot !
May the COMMON COLLECTIVE WILL (CCW) of  Libyans remain firm to get rid of this “Shame” out of Africa, and restore their HUMAN Dignity!

The Dignity Day  of     LIBYA   ??   03- 20  11 ….. COMING SOON!


21st century is the era of Liberation Movements for Human Dignity, encompassing all other Movements, to make them superfluous – non-dogmatic, non-religious and non-ethnic with the great Common Collective Will for Human Empathy!
11 0220 11 – EGYPT’s Dignity Day, the Landmark for a radical break with all Tyrannies!
Thanks to

Tunisia -The Heroic Pioneer of Freedom*

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