The “Cachet- ism” of  “…Unacceptable!”
May be you were aware of the leading “expression”, which was dominating the global ruling elite of the west (plus others), represented by their respective governments; – diplomats, spokes-Wo-Men or foreign secretaries etc. during the mass uprisings visiting North Africa, the Middle-East and the Arabian Peninsula during the last weeks – out of the blues! – A social Earthquake taking the global ruling polity by surprise, to find the adequate perception for it.
“………is unacceptable”.
I was not only somehow amazed by the sort of ironical “arrogance”, the way it was expressed on different  medial platforms, but also intrigued by what it would actually mean exactly. What is it, in its nature of philological significance? This is because it was almost  comprehensively expressed by all the global ”powerful”   centers, like USA, EU, France, Germany, UK etc …including the UN, to which I could partially understand its legitimacy.
“The suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and unacceptable,” said Obama,
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Tuesday said violence unleashed against Libyan protesters is ‘completely unacceptable
Guido Westerwelle: „Gewalt gegen friedliche Demonstranten ist inakzeptabel.“
Prime Minister hails “great opportunity” for Egypt describes situation in Libya as “deplorable and unacceptable
(You see if there is the will, there are some other attributes to avoid the “understatement”… significations, like deplorable….outrageous etc. but that “dummy” – “unacceptable” -must always be reiterated)
To make a contrast or understand the undertone, for instance imagine, the leader of a country like, let us say Ghana’s president giving a statement like   .. “The suffering and bloodshed is outrageous and unacceptable,” at a press-conference on the issue. You will immediately sense that this is an odd statement and then  it would certainly come to your  mind “what Ghana’s role is in the political “hegemony play ground” of the day.
Once you are sick of the monotony of the “unacceptables”, you would ponder:
“What is actually acceptable”,  Your Excellencies? or 
By this Token, are “They” telling us that these regimes have been all the time under their responsibility but these have gone now astray, beyond the “Acceptables”!
Therefore I looked in one of the dictionaries at my disposal and found the following diversity of meanings; to wonder in what sense the “expression” is conveyed to reach the public:.
Just look at what the dictionary would have to say to the different meanings and wonder as to what purpose and in what way they may have employed “…their …”UNACCEPTABLE” s ; conveyed, in the manner that you would hardly miss the point – the “master”  or the “father” telling his “subordinates” or  “Children” to behave. 
Not to mention, that there are hundred ways of expressing the “unacceptable” expressionNow just look at what position I put myself all of a sudden in telling what I just meant! Do you sense the understatement? I am positioning myself as an all-encompassing “arbiter”, undermining your position as a reader in an “unacceptable” instance, giving you not the freedom of making your own opinion!
Thus, you can say too this is “unacceptable” to put yourself in a pari-instance, telling us all to look for a better expression “acceptable” for all of us!
I.e. May be philology has always history in it – expressed in “language” as a relation of social interactions and forces – a case for the expert in social science.
One expert along this line, Margaret S. Archer has to say  this on the written script, which I think is equally valid for the “spoken” as well:
“This can be epitomised as placing the author in the Derridian hors texte
which, for all his later equivocations, never involved a restoration of authorial
privileges. From this perspective, authors were seen as loosing texts on the public
and, in so doing, their personal intentionality was transformed into a conduit for
social forces. That is, authorial intentions were subordinated to expressions of
their class position, symptomatic of their engendered standpoint, or subsumed
into that ill-defined but capacious portmanteau, the hegemonic discourse.”


The Dictionary has the following to say:
un·ac·cept·a·ble  (nk-spt-bl, –k-)
Not acceptable; unsatisfactory.

unac·cepta·bili·ty n.
unac·cepta·bly adv.
unacceptable [ˌʌnəkˈsɛptəbəl]
1. not satisfactory; inadequate the standard was wholly unacceptable
2. intolerable hitting children is unacceptable
Thesaurus Legend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
unacceptable – not adequate to give satisfaction; “the coach told his players that defeat was unacceptable”
unsatisfactory – not giving satisfaction; “shops should take back unsatisfactory goods”; “her performance proved to be unsatisfactory”; “life is becoming increasingly unsatifactory”; “our discussion was very unsatisfactory”
unacceptable – not acceptable; not welcome; “a word unacceptable in polite society”; “an unacceptable violation of personal freedom”
unsatisfactory – not giving satisfaction; “shops should take back unsatisfactory goods”; “her performance proved to be unsatisfactory”; “life is becoming increasingly unsatifactory”; “our discussion was very unsatisfactory”
unwelcome – not welcome; not giving pleasure or received with pleasure; “unwelcome publicity”; “unwelcome interruptions”; “unwelcome visitors”
acceptable – worthy of acceptance or satisfactory; “acceptable levels of radiation”; “performances varied from acceptable to excellent”
unacceptable – used of persons or their behavior; “impossible behavior”; “insufferable insolence”
intolerable, unbearable, unendurable – incapable of being put up with; “an intolerable degree of sentimentality”
unacceptable – not conforming to standard usage; “the following use of `access’ was judged unacceptable by a panel of linguists; `You can access your cash at any of 300 automatic tellers'”
linguistics – the scientific study of language
nonstandard – not conforming to the language usage of a prestige group within a community; “a nonstandard dialect is one used by uneducated speakers or socially disfavored groups”; “the common core of nonstandard words and phrases in folk speech”- A.R.Dunlap
Based on WordNet 3.0, Farlex clipart collection. © 2003-2008 Princeton University, Farlex Inc.

adjective intolerable, unsatisfactory, unreasonable, off (Brit. informal), bad, poor, terrible, offensive, not on (informal), unpleasant, inappropriate, unwelcome, unsuitable, disgraceful, undesirable, improper, distasteful, out of order (informal), obnoxious, deplorable, displeasing, unseemly, objectionable, disagreeable, a bit much (informal), beyond the pale, inadmissible, insufferable, a bit off (Brit. informal), insupportable, impermissible, a bit thick (Brit. informal) She left her husband because of his unacceptable behaviour.
acceptable, desirable, agreeable, pleasing, welcome, pleasant, delightful
SO! Summa Sammarium I have come to the following conclusion:
“The Lead Expression of the Excellencies … unacceptable”, from all the directions it happened to be conveyed into the public, to my understanding, has a taste of an offence to the Dignity of the peoples in Struggle and is a relic of their legacy neo-colonialist psycho-makeup resisting to leave their state of minds!  
I would mean, the “Excellencies” have to look for another “cachet”, “acceptable” to the Dignity of the Movement for Dignity, lest they would lose their “cachets”!
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