A New "Fire" on SELF- determination

A New  “Fire” on SELF- determination
This “Fire” on SELF- determination has only left positive marks in my re-perception of the big Ethiopian political point: SELF-Determination. – Specially the fact of the critique from the new perspective, i.e. the  Capitalized “SELF”. One can see that it is not the “usual” counterproductive cry and tirade in favor of “unity”, which mostly fail to promote the real conscious unity of purpose among those struggling and claiming their rights of self-determination in Ethiopia.  I.e.The PURPOSE of living and developing together in the given historical-geopolitical proximity, in a diversity of cultures to achieve peace and prosperity, within the Ethiopian State. A DEMOCRATIC STATE!

It is a bold critique, if it proceeds with the philosophical and intellectual initials, promising enough to substantiate the point. May be it requires a long discourse, to pin-point and deconstruct the “false faith”, within, the unqualified notion of self-determination in a nut-shell, (as an “old guard”) I would say, without questioning  the indubitable legitimacy of the right for self-determination of all oppressed cultures, in the sense of cultural collective-self-realization and peaceful transformation (structural development for prosperity). The mere fact that it has become a long yardstick of contemporary Ethiopian politics makes it difficult, though not insurmountable.  The so-called “identity politics”, which is philosophically fake and static (with a societal underpinning of utilitarian morphostasis ) in my opinion is the big problem, though, to speak with Deleuze, “difference and differentials” are “the Real” and healthy.  The point is to manage to live in peace with the interaction of the “difference and differentials”, in the process of a morphogenetic social evolution. A social evolution with all the temporal parameters coming out of cultures, nature and the human agency, -as conscious as it could manage to become.  -The critique would be specially fruitful, if the search into the thesis around the dialectics of the “self” and the “other” is well founded to come to a synthesis of socializing the collective, providing an emergent multidimensional cultural project of human dignity and freedom, with authentic universal rights of cultural-self-realization, in a clear contra-distinction to all streams of legacy dualistic philosophical misgivings. Dualistic philosophical discourse of the west, developed through the history of the latter to serve directly or indirectly in maintaining the prevailing power-relations, adapting itself to the evolution of its unfolding economic relations – Capitalism of all varieties and meaningless values (a consuming machine) to contain the “morphogenetic development” of A REAL HUMAN Project! FREEDOM

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