Toxic Notes from …A Prophet of Regionalism

Toxic Notes from the unpublished diary of a Philosopher
– And a prophet of Regionalism (*

I am a prophet. -Not only a prophet, but also a philosopher of regions1) and regionalism. There used to be a region – an old region called Utopia. This region happened to be an empire. An empire has in the rule an emperor and it is the case with this one too. The emperor wanted to be modern and brought some of us into school. Three of us, among the youth were outstanding; outstanding specially in revolting against the emperor, whom we took to be a proxy for our authoritarian fathers. We were good at teaching; we did that a lot and lead the youth to oust the emperor, because we thought we could make it better, in the project of being modern. 

I was the philosopher and the prophet on regions and so, as true as my prophecy, it happened that regions emerged out of the blues in the region of the emperor’s empire. Out of the three outstanding children of the empire`s region, I was the only one who survived to make it to the top, one year before “the end of the world” in 2012; according to the prophecy of the Mayas –in my capacity as a prophet, perhaps my genetic ancestors. 

I made it to the top in year 2011,  in one of the two regions, which emerged after 1991 – the bigger region,  which is highly contested by other regionalists to construct as many regions as possible in the region, where not less than a hundred regions, with innumerable conflicts, were living together during the era of the emperor.  The bigger region, where I am infamous as a philosopher, managed to exist for 20 years, containing the emergence of other regions; apart from the northern region, which was lost 18 years back, in favour of one top regionalist, who succeeded to outsmart one of my outstanding comrades in arms.

Yes, two of my outstanding comrades in arms, who went astray, counter to my advice have not survived to see the fruits of my project – regionalism. In those beautiful visionary days of my youth, the first outstanding comrade of my youth had an illusion, which he called a vision of social transformation. He wanted to achieve his project by trading on the might of the military for a while; in a similar precedence, like what the military, managed to do in ousting the emperor by undermining our youth movement. The second one promoted, by all costs, persuasion & force, the liberation of the northern region, in a tandem with the top regionalist from the northern region, with the purpose of liberating the rest of the empire’s region thereafter. But he, as well as the other was captured and killed by the military. -The military, which claimed to have the will of saving the region of the lost empire, by all means of brutality; -the military, whose “brave” leader, fled abroad just before my “heroic” regionalists invaded his region. 

So I am the only ONE, of our youth movement, who survived to make it to the top. I am not the biggest but I am embodied to the top and under the tight grips of the biggest in the new region; the southern region.  I.e. south of the independent northern region, which has maintained its own regionalist leader too, for all the years I can recall, beginning from our youth movement up to liberation and after liberation. It may be his life time project.

All to the dismay of my second comrade, who didn’t survive to see the debris of his project, and the betrayal of his tandem ally, this northern region, under its regionalist leader, has become independent -true to my prophecy –and there are therefore two independent regions in the lost region of the empire. And by the way, the biggest leader of the southern region is also said to be outstanding in his way. He was an inconspicuous young nationalist from the north, later a converted regionalist summoned by fate and wit to lead the bigger southern region. He made it to the top, mainly due to a coincidence of political events with international significance, when the military lost its international allies (the breakdown of a political block, which called itself socialist), by winning new friends from the west abandoning all his earlier ideological commitment. He has the hearsay of being outstanding by his supporters – but outstanding in his brutality too, according to his opponents, with a tick for “chopping fingers” of all those, who differ to his thoughts. This one has ruled the southern region for the last 20 years, by force and corrupting his opponents, including myself. Nonetheless, may be afraid of my intellect, he resisted the temptation of my advice…refrained  for so long  to call me to the higher realms of power and influence, until today, though he exiled me to the center of my lost passion, education & the youth, where I feel at home. Of course, I am grateful for that bit too.  But at last, he decided now – to summon me to his immediate proximity – to the center of his realm and region, in search of my advice – my expertise- which my last two comrades in arms neglected, to be condemned not to survive their projects. I am the survivor – the survivor prophet of regionalism, who can help, advise and teach the art and philosophy of survivalism.

Alas and at last, I am the recognized advisor of survivalism, who can help all tyrants in danger to develop a cunning instinct of survivalism. Actually the “leader of the south from the north” has enough of this capacity. But thanks to the movement of the youth in 2011, which is ransacking all the tyrannies of our continent in the north and the rest of the Arab world, this leader of the southern region is somehow shaking too, with the consequence of looking for my support.

My expertise-stocks have never been as high as today- as an old guard of the youth movement, who might know the internal dynamics of such a social movement. What an irony! If only they knew that I am more scared than the tyrants themselves deep down to my bones; because of the very three facts, I know in advance: 

1. According to my philosophy of regionalism, all regions are not immune to the dynamics of the youth. It really deserves its new signification: a social Tsunami, not less powerful than the natural tsunami Japan is suffering these days (see Maya Calendar). The last emperor could have a lot to tell on its momentum, if he had survived this dynamics.

2. I know that intellectuals and tyrants are not compatible. I am not the happiest with my new advisor post and the proximity to a tyrant. My first comrade in arms could have a lot to tell, if he had survived the region of the military regime.

3. I know that the new youth movement has learnt a lot from history – the art of non-violence. My late second comrade in arms could have a lot to tell, if he had survived the violence he himself had ignited in our youth movement of our region.

Therefore, if only they, specially my critics, knew, as bony as I look like; that I am scared down to my bones, they would have a pity with me. Oh people of regionalism save the philosopher of regionalism, I am condemned to living in A Bottle. –In a bottle, by the bottle and for the bottle; abandoning all the project of my youth – for the people, by the people, to the people of my region!!!  

One last note, for those who took me for a genius and wonder on my conscience and intellect, at face value: – This is just the face value, behind which I was a victim of my innate feeling, “I feel, therefore I am” – and not “I think therefore I am”- with my unconscious somatic-markers and neural mirror systems, not free of prejudice and bias, with a long history of personalized evolution, working against the mastery of my intellect. – An intellect which once in a while, can make and write beautiful lectures and speeches but a body which resists to live at the level of the rational principles of my intellect, negating – abandoning the higher reality of life, guided by the universal rationality of human reason. Thus, I am not an exception to all those lives driven by their basic instincts!

A very last note: You know philosophers are survival artists. There have never been philosophers who lost their lives in battle fields. If they lose their lives it is mostly because of their fingers, working for the Truth. In my case though, I am sure, if my survival art fails, it is not because of the fingers (threatened to be chopped by the leader of the southern region) but the bottles. -Fingers which I, particularly saved for the toxic bottles. – Bottles which are negating my life in a curious Hegelian dialectics of the bottles and the fingers, to elevate me to the higher realms of the Hegelian Absolute- the Absolute BOTTLE! -The toxic absolute bottle, which ends my life sooner or later. -The sooner the better, before I too, witness the debris of my life project – Regionalism. The New Youth, seem to work hard to turn its illusion of The NEW UTOPIA into a vision of reality, which, I must admit, would sooner or later come true –the only truth I dare to admit, when I am alone with my bottles!

THE END of the story…

1) I apologize for the exhausting reiteration of my concept “region”…This is one of the subtle methods we regionalist philosophers employ to subscribe you to  our creed & breed!
(* A fictitious parody!

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